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UniqueAuction Playstation 3 Auction Q&A

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Written by DM on Wednesday, March 01 2006

We emaile UniqueAuction about their Playstation 3 promotion that we reported on yesterday since we could not believe they were giving away PS3 units that early. It turns out, they are. Read on.

Can you tell us how it came about that you will be auctioning off 10 Playstation 3 units in March?

We had tremendous success with our Xbox 360 auctions both prior and after the official launch date. We hope the same will be said for the PS3 auctions. During the Xbox 360 launch, we purchased hundreds of consoles, making a number of contacts within the gaming market during that time. These contacts are allowing us to pre-order and even get an advance copy of the PS3. The Xbox 360 is available for no more than $4.34 on UA, and you can expect to see the PS3 for under $10.00 on the site.

Now, to clear up any confusion, will the winner’s units be sent out pre-release as the story stated?

We will have one advanced copy of the PS3 that will be sent out to the winner, all other auctions won before the official launch date will guarantee the winners a PS3 upon its release.

Can you give us a quick rundown on how exactly these auctions will work?

UniqueAuction is nothing like a regular auction site. Unlike traditional auction sites, it's not the highest bid that wins; it's the most 'unique' bid that wins - a number that no other bidder has selected. For example, if the PS3 retails for $700.00, UA will have a ceiling price for the console for as low as $7.00. Users can pick numbers from anywhere between 0.01 and $7.00, at a cost of $2.00 for regular members, and $1.00 for Platinum per selection or “bid.”

Let's say three people bid $7.00, two people bid $6.99 and one person bids $6.98, then the "most unique bid" would be $6.98. This means the winner will only pay $6.98 for the sought after system.

The small bidding fee that is charged per bid covers the cost of the PS3, allowing UA to auction it off for so low.

It's a game where winning depends on the user and their own strategy. Nothing is hidden from the user, all bids and the bid history can be scene, allowing them to cancel out others to enhance their winning strategy.

Will the units include any accessories or games?

The units will not come with any games, however, when the games are released, we will make them available for auction. We currently have Xbox 360 games for under a dollar, and the same will be done for PS3 games.

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