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Written by DM on Wednesday, March 01 2006

Will there be any reserve price on the units?

We will have some reserve auctions and some non-reserve. The ceiling price for the PS3 will be under $10.00. The reserve auctions will mean the total number of bids must equal to the retail price of the item before the winner is declared. If the reserve is not met, all bids are refunded.

Now if our readers are interesting in bidding on these units where can they go?

New users can sign up for free by logging on to http://www.uniqueauction.com.

If they’d like to become a Platinum member, there are many benefits in doing so. Platinum members bid for only $1.00 (regular members pay $2.00), they have free shipping up to $100, and the use of the mini bot, which keeps tracks of their numbers plus everyone else’s numbers so they can play strategically to win more auctions. It also allows them to place multiple bids with a click of a button. Also, if a Platinum member wins an auction and does not want the product, they have the option of cashing out at 80 percent of the retail value. Platinum memberships are $100.00 per year.

Can you tell us the start date of the promotion?

Look for the PS3 auctions to begin in mid-march on www.uniqueauction.com.

Is there anything else you want to say to our readers?

Look for the Nintendo Revolution also in the near future on UA. Anytime a hot new item is released, you’ll find it on UniqueAuction at a low cost. Currently on the site there's a $100,000 dream wedding, exotic vacations, 30 iPod videos, Xbox 360's, PSP's, a Hummer H2, cars, jewelry, televisions and much more ... all for a fraction of the price.

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