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Dreamfall Q&A

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Written by DM on Friday, April 07 2006

It is said you plan to have a very minimal interface in Dreamfall. Do you think this will affect the player’s ability to keep track of how well they are doing and what objectives they have completed?

The on-screen interface is minimal, but the players still have access to Zoë’s diary – an in-character quest and conversation log that tracks their progress in the game. The philosophy behind the interface is to make it as non-intrusive as possible, while still enabling players to do all the things they want to do.

How will the combat work in Dreamfall, if there is any?

Combat is an integral part of the game – not in that there’s a lot of it, but in that it’s often an alternative way of solving a problem. In one sequence, for example, Zoë has to make her way past these strange creatures who are fishing on a stony shore. She can do this in one of three ways: tricking them by creating a distraction; sneaking past them; or by fighting them. Combat may not always be the best option, particularly when playing Zoë, but it is an option. As for how it works, we’ve tried to make it as simple and accessible as possible, while still giving people who enjoy combos and special moves something to play around with. There are light and heavy moves, blocks and dodges, and the combat has been designed to work with both a joypad and a mouse-keyboard combination. You can even use just the mouse, if you prefer that, though you may lose out on some advanced functionality. All in all, we feel that combat has become a fun distraction, and a great way to give players real choices, but it’s definitely not a huge part of the gameplay.

Are the story sequences in Dreamfall all real-time or are they FMV based?

They’re all real-time, all the time. I prefer to keep all cinematic and story sequences looking as close to the rest of the game as possible, and our engine is more than powerful enough to do all the cool stuff we want to do.

I have read that in Dreamfall character facial expressions will play a big part -- characters will have to say less because it will be shown on their face. Can you tell us a bit about this?

We’ve put a lot of effort into making our characters come to life, and while you still need dialogue to tell the story – much more so than you do when using filmed actors, simply because of the complexity involved in animating faces – I definitely think that we’re heading in the right direction. Our next generation games will certainly place a lot of emphasis on that. With Dreamfall, we’ve made the first steps in that direction, and I’m really happy with what we’ve accomplished. The characters feel alive, and they feel real.

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