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Nintendo Wii Hands On

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Written by DM on Wednesday, May 10 2006

The Nintendo booth is certainly a sight to behold. The line for the Wii stretches all the way around the booth and on that line they have Aquos widescreen HDTVs setup that show Nintendo booth babes that are sitting on the other site. These women talk to the line goers as if they were standing right next to you, in fact, the guy behind me in line was trying to flirt with the pretty blonde on the TV screen. Oh boy. I digress. As we finally were led into the back of the Nintendo booth to preview the Wii, we got to see a revolving platform of Nintendo employees playing different Wii games. Then we finally got to check it out for ourselves.
The biggest question on everyone’s mind is does the Wiimote work as well as Nintendo advertises. The answer is a resounding yes. When you swing the wand while playing the Tennis game, the racquet actually responds, almost instantly. Yes folks, it really works. Now, the one thing that was a bit disconcerting was that we were not able to move the players around the tennis court. The AI pretty much controls all player movement. Now we are not sure if this is just because the game is in its early form, so we will see what happens in retail.
The console itself is tiny. Including the base it is about the size of box of Triscuits. The slot where you insert the game discs has a blue backlight that looks great against the white console. The wand, the control pad, and the light gun form of the Wii Controller are high stylized and look very sexy for lack of a better word.

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