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Written by DM on Thursday, May 11 2006

In Viva Piñata, you begin in a weed-infested valley full of what are essentially piles of junk. You have a shovel, a watering can, and a packet of seeds you can use to make the place livable. As you beautify this area you will attract some of the various fauna of the VP world. As they enter the garden and become tame, the creatures will change from black to white in color. Once you have a few animals at your disposal, you can order them to go into a little hut and mate. After some silly courtship displays they produce a piñata offspring.
In this game, there is a virtual “food chain” if you will. Smaller creatures like worms will be eaten by larger creatures, and so on. The overall goal of the game is to attract new piñata creatures by making sure your garden is cultivated correctly. There is also a system of upgrading with which you can use earned chocolate coins to upgrade your tools and add ponds, fences, flowers, and other beautifying elements to your game. If you like you can even break your piñatas open with a harsh beating.
One of the online components of VP is the ability of players to trade garden assets such as trees, flowers, seeds, etc, in order to make their gardens more diverse. One of the things worth mentioning is that the game has voice over dialogue to go with almost all written text. This will make it easier for any younger kids to who are not proficient in reading to play the game well.
Graphically, Viva Piñata looks pretty. Yes, pretty is the perfect word for it. It has a visual style that will certainly appeal to younger children, with vibrant colors and fantastic energetic motions. The game is a fun title that will that will offer kids lasting fun, and may even appeal to fans of games such as Animal Crossing.


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Viva Pinata

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