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Untold Legends: Dark Kingdom Playstation 3 Q&A

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Written by DM on Thursday, June 15 2006

Just how hard is it to program for the Playstation 3? The current information indicates that it is one of the hardest consoles to program for, does this claim have any merit?

It is definitely one of the most challenging consoles to program for, without question. There is an amazing amount of computing power available to be used by games but it takes dedicated effort from the best programmers. Programmers love working on it though, as the hardware has so much to offer, and every investment has big payoffs.

What is the most challenging aspect of making this game on the PS3? What is the biggest benefit to programming on the PS3?

The PlayStation 3's cell processor has one PowerPC core and 7 SPE cores. To take full advantage of the machine, you must move most of your processing work onto the SPE cores. This is the most challenging aspect of programming the PS3. On the other hand, the SPEs are blisteringly fast. The processing power they provide allow you to put more amazing graphical effects, advanced physics, immersive sound, cloth simulation, particles, etc. Entirely new types of games are going to be possible just because of wealth of processing power. And each game is free to use the SPEs how they like, to achieve their own goals.

If you had to pick one thing that you are most excited/proud of in Dark Kingdom, what would it be?

Everyone is really putting a lot of work into so many different parts of the game. I don’t think I could pick only one that I’m most proud of.

Do you plan to use the tilt function of the Playstation 3 Dual Shock 3 pad?

We may use it as an optional control for an existing system, such as dodge, but there would be another method for doing the same thing.

Was it a disappointment that you will not be able to utilize the rumble feature for Dark Kingdom?

The rumble feature is great for giving more impact to devastating attacks, explosions, and the like. We just have to convey that as well as possible with the visuals and sound.

How many online modes are planned for Dark Kingdom, and what will they be?

Post-launch, our goal is to offer a host of on-
line functionality, such as, additional player characters to download and adventure with, episodic content that will further progress the storyline, and various versus and co-op modes to play with friends. Now that the system has on-line access right out of the box, we want to provide the players with new, exciting content and features long after they’ve purchased it.

Are you planning any future downloadable content for Dark Kingdom, it seems like the game is tailor-made for it.

We are planning on offering additional play modes and adventures, and possibly even an additional playable character. There are still some details with regards to the online service and hard drive integration that need to be worked out before we know for sure.

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Untold Legends: Dark Kingdom

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