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Top 10 Worst XBOX 360 Achievements
We run down ten of the worst achievements for titles on the XBOX 360.

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Written by Josh Lowensohn on Tuesday, September 12 2006

2. Transmissionary- Answer all calls from Otis- Dead Rising.

This is simply one of the most challenging yet aggravating achievements in existence. The problem with this achievement is that getting it disrupts the normal flow of gameplay. If you’ve ever played Dead Rising, you know that messages from Otis come in high volume and at the absolute worst times. Since answering a call from Otis requires your character to disarm, you’ll often find yourself tearing your hair out trying to juggle game progression with answering his calls. This is also an incredibly difficult achievement mostly because you have to rescue several needy survivors to get all of Otis’ calls.

And the #1 worst achievement is...

1. World Champion (Multiplayer- Climb to the top of the universal leaderboard- Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter.

This tops the list because it’s simply not a fair achievement. XBOX Live’s Major Nelson has this achievement, primarily because he got an early copy of the game at a time when frankly, there wasn’t anybody else playing it. More importantly, it’s not something anybody with an expert level of skill can accomplish. Ultimately, somebody who has had the game longer than you can just win more than you ever can, despite your record. In that regard, it tops the list.

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