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X06 Rumor Roundup
A look at what was right and what was wrong in the pre-X06 rumor realm.

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Written by Josh Lowensohn on Thursday, September 28 2006

Downloadable Content Rumors:


Splinter Cell Double Agent multiplayer. False

Crackdown. False

Forza Motorsport 2. False

Sonic the Hedghog. True

Viva Pinata. False

Need for Speed Carbon. False.

Call of Duty 3. False

Pro Evolution Soccer 6. False

Mass Effect. False


GOW single player and multiplayer. True

Halo 3 trailer. False (although we do have a Halo Wars trailer)

Fable 2. False

Picture Packs and Themes:

Fable 2. True

COD3. False

Crackdown. False

X06. True

Community Pack. False

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