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Playstation 3 HDD Replacement Mini-Guide

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Written by DM on Tuesday, November 21 2006

We here at GR, never content to leave well enough alone, have replaced our puny Playstation 3 HDD with a monster 120 GB HDD. We also wrote this mini-guide on just how to do it for those of you who may be a tad afraid to try it.

You will need:

1 NOTEBOOK 2.5MM HDD SATA ANY SIZE (We recommend staying with the same RPM as the PS3’s original HDD, 5400RPM. You can upgrade to 7200RPM, of course, but we cannot promise that it will not have ill-effects on your machine.)

We cannot stress enough the importance of buying the correct HDD. The one we used cost $93 USD at Newegg. If you get a regular old IDE Notebook drive, you will be out of luck, so make sure you order the right part.

The first step is to find the HDD Bay on your Playstation 3. It is located on the left side of the console, and it is marked with HDD. Easy enough. Use your flat head screwdriver to pop off the plastic cover. You now have access to the actual HDD caddy.

The next step is to remove the blue screw that holds the HDD caddy in place using the Phillips head screwdriver. Once you have done so, flip up the metal handle that is on the front of the caddy, and slide the HDD towards the FRONT of the Playstation 3 to dislodge it. Once you have done so you can remove the HDD tray.

Once you have access to the tray outside the PS3, you can take out the 4 screws which hold the original Playstation 3 HDD in place, and swap in your new 2.5MM SATA Notebook HDD.

Once the new HDD is secured in the HDD caddy, you need to place the caddy back inside the PS3 unit, and slide it toward the REAR of the console to lock it in place. Once you have done so, the final step is to use your Phillips head screwdriver to replace the blue screw which anchors the HDD caddy to the Playstation 3. Pop on the plastic cover, and boot up the console.

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Playstation 3 HDD Replacement Guide

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