Interview with StripClubDJ
How does one achieve a gamerscore this high? What kind of person is capable of such a feat? Meet StripClubDJ.

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Written by Josh Lowensohn on Wednesday, December 06 2006

When the news broke last week a gamer by the name of StripClubDJ had broken the nearly unthinkable 100,000 gamer score, the first question on our minds was how does somebody find the time for this? Yes, we review games on this site and it takes time, but we often don’t have the time to nab all the achievements we want to get, or play through the game 19 times to get all the extras and the time-based achievements—the real nitty gritty of completing an XBOX 360 game these days. The surprising news is that StripClubDJ (also known on his tax forms as Gary Dudley) is a actually a DJ at a strip club, 34 years young, and has spent the greater part of a decade happily dating a woman named Taylor. By the time you finish reading this interview, statistically speaking, Gary might have gotten another achievement. Gary is also a guest on an upcoming episode of XBOX Live Radio. We got the chance to ask Gary about getting where he is today and how he does it.

GR: First off, congrats, it's a serious achievement to hit 100k. Out of all of these achievements, which ones do you remember being either the hardest, or the worst to get?

StripClubDJ: To be truthful , I don't think any of them are hard. Time consuming and patience will conquer anything. DETERMINATION!!! The worst to get was 1000 death matches and 1000 dark ops on Perfect Dark Zero, [It] took forever. I believe that game took me around six months to complete. ‘Took my time.’

GR: What do you do in real life, job, student, millionaire, etc.?

StripClubDJ: My job. That’s easy. Most people think my Gamertag is me trying to be cool. Well sorry kiddies— that is what I do in real life. I’ve been a strip club disc jockey for about ten years. Before that I worked radio.

GR: What's been your favorite title thus far, and do you ever play games casually at this point?

StripClubDJ: Favorite title. Have to say Gears of War is god. Before Gow, had to be Battlefield 2, I’m really into FPS. For free time, or when I just want a break, I spark up UNO with my friends I’ve had since Halo2 days: JasonC 88, BoxieBr0wn, Malikai625, Adam the Mofo.

GR: What started all this? Were you always just an extensive gamer, or did you set out to get here?

StripClubDJ: Well I bought my 360 on December the 18th, and my first three games were PDZ,PGR3 and Kameo. I played casual, then I meet a couple guys with pretty high Gamerscore. [One was] SteelTownTim. [His] score was around 9k, and mine was around 8k or close. He said “Let’s race to 10k.” I said “Cool, even though [you] have a head start I will try.” Well I got there first. Sad part of the story is I lost a friend in that battle. I look back at him sometimes he is around 40k, but after that I found out about MYGAMERCARD.NET with the leaderboard. When I signed up February 14th, I was 103rd in the world, and I sent a message to the top giving them a three-day notice” I’m coming so play hard.” [Probably] around march I was in the top 10. So I started buying everything Xbox made at this time. I own every 360 title made from every country. I own 4 Xboxes: 2 American, 1 Japanese and 1 PAL, so as you can see, I sunk a lot of money into an addictive hobby.

GR: How do you afford this?

StripClubDJ: DJs make good money and the benefits are great "wink"

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