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Can Microtransactions Ruin Console Gaming?

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Written by Adam on Saturday, February 03 2007

Of course Ubisoft made a public statement regarding this issue, stating it is due to the new outfits, options etc, but this is still inexcusable. The only reasoning that justifies all of the above is “trial & error” – let me explain. Microtransactions are still fairly new to consoles. Developers are playing with all options in order to generate more profits and enhance the game experience but in turn this can backfire. My suggestion to fellow gamers is to think twice before making your own microtransaction. Yeah it’s fun to have a stronger weapon or more in game money but in turn are you losing out on the challenge of the game?

So in closing remember that the developer is out to make money, and as long as people are buying these items the more they will pop-up. I can tell you one thing is for sure,
console gaming will never be the same.

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