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Written by DM on Friday, December 28 2007

Since it is such a big Holiday week, it is mostly just me, good old DM, around for now. This week has been hectic with all the Holiday shopping and whatnot, so playing games was low on this list unfortunately. Nonetheless, you want to know what I played most this week? Warhawk for the PS3 with the Omega expansion installed. The game was great before the expansion, but if you want me to be totally honest with you, the expansion really does not add much at all. You get a map or two and a new, ridiculously overpowered dropship. The trouble is, none of the servers utilize more than one or two of the expansion’s features, so really, you are just playing the same Warhawk you were before. And the dropship has a weapon that is so ridiculously overpowered, as I said, that it is a huge unbalancer. The dropship has a six-gun that fires a stream of bullets with a rate of fire somewhere around that of an Uzi. Granted, the thing is easy to down, but if you have Warhawk fighters to guard you, you are practically invincible. Oh well, the game is still great.

It seemed to be a PS3 week for me, as I also finished the single player campaign for Unreal tournament III on the PS3. The game is a lot of fun, and it is Unreal Tournament, through and through. The only thing though is that I was expecting a game that looked as fantastic as Gears of War, graphic wise. UT3, for some reason, does not look as great as Gears. Now, if this is the fault of the PS3, or the fault of the actual game is something we will have to wait for the Xbox360 version of the game to figure out. My guess is the game will be identical on both systems. I have not played the game online yet though, as the PSN is just not as conducive to serious online play as Xbox Live is – sorry but that’s the truth, as of now, anyway.

Along with the Omega expansion, there is also another game on the PSN that is worth checking out – Snakeball. The game not only looks great, but it is very clever and can be played online. Oh, and it does not make use of the SixAxis tilt control, well, not too much anyway. The soundtrack is pretty booming as well. Check it out, there is a demo in the PSN demo section.

This week also saw the release of one of my favorite old-school games of all time. Tempest was released for the Xbox Live Arcade, and as per usual, it came with an original and evolved mode. The evolved mode is very similar to Tempest 200 on the Jaguar, one of the only viable games for that doomed console. The graphics have been revamped, and the , music is almost as kickin’ as the Jaguar game’s soundtrack.

Other than that folks, I am just preparing for GamersReports coming third year of operation. Yes, we will have our third year anniversary this coming April. We will certainly be doing something special, although what it is, we are not sure exactly. Oh well, back to collecting wayward stars in Super Mario Galaxy and waiting for the Kindom Under Fire: Circle of Doom demo to download on the Xbox Live Marketplace. Remember folks, we still want your submissions for GamersReporting, so email them to [email protected]! Have a safe and happy New Year!



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