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Top 10 Gaming Gadgets & Accessories Of 2007

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Written by DM on Wednesday, January 09 2008

7. Splitfish FragFX Playstation 3 Controller

I had the pleasure of attending a Splitfish press event when this product launched, and I was impressed with it back then when the only PS3 games worth mentioning were Resistance: FOM and Motorstorm. This unit, for those who do not know, is a mouse/controller combo that plugs into the USB port on the Playstation 3. With many of the so-called Mouse/KB adapters for consoles, there is deadly lag and tons of sensitivity issues. Not so with the FragFX. Somehow, the coding wizards over at Splitfish have figured out a way to directly interface with the PS3’s mouse and keyboard input routines, and there is no lag. That alone makes this gadget worth listing, but there is also the sniper zoom slowdown feature. The FragFX has another great feature that lets you cut the sensitivity in half (at least) when you zoom in for a sniper shot. This makes life so much easier for us snipers, I cannot begin to tell you. It is a great accessory, and still sells out all over as far as I know. On top of it all, there is even a rumor that an Xbox360 version is near completion, with zero lag as well. Way to go, Splitfish!

6. The Nintendo Wii Fitness Board

This unit is still a Japan-only peripheral, and it was only released on December 1, 2007. Despite both of these facts, the Wii Fit board has sold over 1 million units already. The reviews coming out of Japan, along with the forum gamer testimonials from those who have imported, are pretty much unanimously positive. The unit itself is solid, and the software included, as per Nintendo’s standard, is immersive and easy to follow – it is basically an exercise routine you can do at home, and the kicker is it really works. This is another produce that you need to own when it hits US shores this Winter.

5. The XCP Xbox360 1080i HDMI Cable

For a long time, all we heard from the HDMI users were complaints about how the Xbox360 did not support HDMI. How could MS do this? How could they not include HDMI? Why has MS done this to me personally? You know, things of that nature. Well, our friends over at XCM decided enough was enough, and made a cable that took the regular AV out plug from the Xbox360, and made it HDMI compatible. The unit is a small black disc which includes an HDMI out and supports up to 1080i output. The unit not only comes with the adapter, but an HDMI cable and all the other accessories needed to make it work. As per usual with XCM, the quality of the ABS plastic and packaging was second to none. Of course, the unit is less sought after now since MS has released Xbox360 SKUs that include HDMI ports. Be that as it may though, this unit was a very important step towards quelling the HDMI-loving masses who owned Xbox360 consoles.

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