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Top 10 Gaming Gadgets & Accessories Of 2007

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Written by DM on Wednesday, January 09 2008

1. Rock Band Instruments

While Guitar Hero is a definite hit of a game, with its Guitar peripheral, the game that really takes the cake this year when it comes to music playing accessories is, of course, Rock Band. The full bundle includes not only a Guitar, but also a microphone and a full, four-pad, drumkit! For $159 USD, this is quite a steal, considering the fact that you can well and truly form your own real band, and play to your heart’s content either online or offline. No more getting together with friends just to practice! You can all hop online and play from your respective houses. Combine this with the fact that EA and Harmonix are constantly releasing new songs for download, ensure that these innovative and super fun accessories never go to waste! In fact, if you find a second guitar, you can form a full band with a drummer, singer, bass guitarist, and rhythm guitarist, and then compete online to boot! Even as recent as a few years ago, something like Rock Band would have been impossible to pull off, so hats off to Harmonix and EA for making it happen. Rock Band, and more specifically, its instruments, are worth the top spot in our list of the year’s top gaming gadgets/accessories!

Honorable Mentions:

The Nintendo Wii Zapper

While this unit was only released towards the end of 2007, it certainly made a bit of a splash. Costing only $24.99 USD, the unit sold well, and was bundled with Link’s Crossbow Training, which was a light gun game that both entertained and lasted long. The Zapper itself gets the nod for being innovative because all it does is simply reposition the Wiimote in such a fashion that it can be used as a gun, complete with trigger and all. That’s right, the hardware is simply a piece of plastic that the Wiimote snaps in to. Just like the Wii steering wheel, but much more clever.

Guitar Hero & Guitar

Of course, even though Guitar Hero is not really from 2007, we have to mention Guitar Hero and its guitar peripheral. While there have been copycat games, in the last year that have 1-upped GH, it is still the title that launched the instrument accessory craze, and successfully at that. We surely cannot make a list of gaming gadgets/accessories without giving the nod to Red Octane for launching a genre.

There you have it, folks. Of course, there will be debate about the choices, but what else is new. These are the gadgets and accessories which we think made 2007 the special year in gaming that it was. Agree or disagree, let us know!

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