2006/06/01 20:12:47: By DM
There is some footage of Gears Of War over on Youtube. This looks like the demo that was shown at thie year's E3 conference, and the color is very washed out, but you get the idea.
2006/06/01 18:15:42: By DM
We told you yesterday about a NWN2 chat that would be happening. Well, in case you missed it, Neverwinter Vault has posted an edited chat log. Most of the questions are about the game's toolset.
2006/06/01 16:02:47: By DM
Apparently there is a version of Moto GP in the works for PSP, and Famitsu had some images from the game. It does not look anything like the Xbox360 version, of course, but it does look acceptable. With the WiFi play we are sure it will feature, it should make for a nice little game.
2006/06/01 15:18:00: By DM
More AMD news today, the company has announced a new "Quad-Father" motherboard. This mobo, made for gaming enthusiasts, will feature the ability to use two dual-core CPUs on one mainboard. Add this to SLI capabilitites and you are looking at once serious piece of gaming hardware.

2006/06/01 14:30:11: By DM
Apparently someone ripped the Half Life Episode 2 trailer that was included in the Hale Life Episode 1 files and stick it on youtube. It looks legit, let us know if it isn't.
2006/06/01 13:13:24: By DM
Over at the official Mercs 2 website, there are some small short videos of the vehicles in action. It does give us a good idea of what to epect though, and it looks like a ton of fun. Seriously.
2006/06/01 12:09:18: By DM
IGN has posted a new preview of Dungeon Siege 2: Broken World, the next DSII expansion pack They get down and ditry with the add-on, and even provide some brand new media. Check it out.
2006/06/01 11:21:23: By DM
PlayFrance has posted a cam video of Fatal Inertia from this year's E3 conference. As you can see, the game looks ok, not much like the previously released media though. Then again, it is shakycam quality.

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