2006/06/04 11:22:34: By DM
On Youtube today there is a 22 minute video of Zelda: The Phantom Hourglass from E3. The footage is shakycam, but it gives you a good idea of what the game will be like.
2006/06/04 11:20:14: By DM
TeamXbox has posted a new article with maps and a breakdown of the locations in the new Shadowrun game. Many of us have been waiting for a new Shadowrun title for years, and we will take all the info we can get.
2006/06/04 0:12:59: By purbeast
Sony has released a few shots from Motor Storm. The screens are supposedly in-game shots, and if you look at the edges you can see that there is aliasing, so we tend to believe it. They look pretty good too.
2006/06/03 21:44:23: By DM
The US version of the LocoRoco downloadable PSP demo is out. First, you need to update to the 2.71 firmware. Then, point the PSP browser to the PSP homepage (just go to favorites menu and select PSP), go to North American PSP website, click on the games section link, and the LR demo will be the top link there. If you want to see instructions on how to get the demo displayed on your PC, click on the link.

2006/06/03 12:25:55: By DM
Gamespot tracked down Insomniac president Ted Price to see if he'd cough up any more info on the upcoming title that's expected to be part of the PlayStation 3's launch lineup. Of course, he does. Price speaks about why they decided to make this kind of game, the premise behind the game, and more.
2006/06/03 12:17:37: By DM
IGN got the chance to test out the new online version of Gran Turismo 4. They seem pretty taken with the game, but then again it is just GT4 with an extra menu choice. Check it out.
2006/06/02 20:07:35: By vividbreeze
A question that frequently crosses our minds these days is, "how much power can the Nintendo Wii really put out, graphically?" While at E3, GameDaily Biz has had the chance to catch up with an ATI representative who explained that what we saw was just the "tip of the iceberg of what the Hollywood chip can bring to the Nintendo Wii". Developers have reported in the past that the Wii's GPU will be 2-2.5 more times powerful as the Gamecubes, and judgin by what the Gamecube did with RE4, we may be in for a treat.
2006/06/02 17:46:16: By DM
The guys over at Penny Arcade and the ESRB are teaming up to help promote awareness of the video game rating system here in the US. The campaign will feature ads that run in gaming magazines and web sites.

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