2006/06/05 11:13:00: By DM
In a recent interview, gaming legend Hideo Kojima divulged some new details about MGS4. He talked about Snake's new camo suit, the "octo-cam." This new apparel will literally change shape and color to match Snake's surroundings, says Kojima. The chameleon-like effects will happen automatically when Snake is at rest. Sounds pretty damn cool.
2006/06/05 10:27:08: By DM
Over at FiringSquad today is posted a World in Conflict Q&A. The speak with Massive Entertainment CEO Martin Walfisz, who answers questions about the alternate history setting, playable sides, the action, the multiplayer game, the graphics engine, and more.
2006/06/05 8:56:19: By DM
Eurogamer was able to get Sony to grant an interview with Japan's Tsutomo Kuono, the man behind the critically acclaimed Loco Roco PSP game. This game has been compared to Katamarin for its quirky-ness, and it is highly addictive. He speaks about the game, what made him design a title like this, and more.
2006/06/05 8:17:32: By DM
The homepage for a new Bleach game for the Nintendo Wii is live. Sega X Bleach Next is the name of the game, that is all the details we have at the moment. More info when we have it.

2006/06/05 8:15:53: By DM
Dean Takahashi got the chance to speak with Sony boss Kaz Hirai at this year's E3 conference. Of course, he more or less covers the same info that all the previous interviews have, but it is still worth a read.
2006/06/05 6:32:31: By vividbreeze
Play as all your favorite characters as you race to the finish line in a Pixar Animations, Cars for Xbox/Ps2/GBA/DS/PSP/PC. Also a stress reliever application for the DS/GBA, Big Brain Academy, features 15 activities that test your brain powers in areas like logic, memory, math and analysis! There are a few other titles to consider but for now just click Read More for the release list and remember some dates are subject to change.
2006/06/04 18:07:50: By DM
BVG sends along three new screens from the new next-gen Turok game. They do not specify what console these are from, we can probably assume the game will look simliar on both platforms.
2006/06/04 15:25:20: By vividbreeze
With all the holidays going on this summer over in Europe not many games are coming out. Chromehounds, developed by Sega, is a futuristic mech battle in which three nations with opposing political views have erupted in an all-out war. Def Jam Fight for NY: The Takeover has PSP Exclusive Content—Featuring an all new story, four brand new venues, and new moves which excite our fighting fans. There are a few other titles to consider but for now click Read More for the release list and remember some dates are subject to change.

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