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2009/12/01 15:49:33: By DM
The upcoming demo for Dante's Inferno, the God-of-War-esque game being published by EA, will hit the PSN in demo form before it hits Xbox Live. On December 10, users of the PS3's PSN can download the demo. Xbox Live only users will have to wait another whole two weeks until December 24, Christmas Eve. Oh well, better grab a PS3!
2009/12/01 15:46:29: By DM
Valve today announced that the Left 4 Dead sequel has now sold over 2 million units in just two weeks. That is more than double the number of units sold of the original game in the same time period. Of course, Black Friday sales helped to push the game sales over the top, and even Valve was selling the game for PC on their Steam service for just under $40 USD for a while. Good marketing strategy, we say, and the Holiday Season has just begun.
2009/12/01 10:56:32: By DM
Two unannounced EA games have been exposed thanks to a previous worked on games list on the Fend Zhu Design website. The dev house is listed as EA Vancouver. Dark Space sounds a bit like Dead Space, for sure, it may be a related game or even a typo. The other game, though, is called Gunhead, and it sounds like a brand new IP. The net scuttlebut claims the game is a third person shooter with an "unexpected setting." Of course, rumor mill for now, so stay tuned.

2009/12/01 10:18:43: By DM
Ubisoft has revealed that they have 10 titles or so in the works for Microsoft's upcoming motion control system, Project Natal. The Ubisoft CEO, Yves Guillemot, told investors last night in a conference call that the majority of its motion titles are casual games, and motion technology may be incorporated into some other regular releases, at least in some capacity. Sounds like Natal will have some great software support at launch.
2009/11/30 16:45:12: By DM
Ubisoft has confirmed the existence of a new Prince of Persia game, finally. The game, subtitled The Forgotten Sands, will be released on home consoles and hendhelds. The game itself will feature elements from The Sands of Time, and also many new elements. The game is due out alongside the Hollywood movie adaptation around May 2010. Let's hope Ubisoft didn't change the Prince to look like Jake Gyllenhaal in the game.
2009/11/30 15:37:54: By DM
Spotify, the popular music streaming service, has denied reports that the service is coming to home video game consoles. This mornings report had related a rumor that that feature was indeed being discussed for 360 and PS3. A company spokesperson denied these reports, saying that there is no truth to these "anonymous" rumors. Oh well.
2009/11/30 14:06:45: By DM
The technical director of one of the most clever Nintendo DS games of all time, Scribblenauts, has told the Official Nintendo Magazine that he is interested in doing a Wii version of the game. technical Director Marius Fahlbusch said that they are always looking to do something new, something that has not been done before. While Scribblenauts does already exist on the DS, making the game work with the Wiimote would be a whole new design challenge. Chances are this will happen, but rumor mill for now.
2009/11/30 13:06:30: By DM
Nintendo has releaed a ton of games for download this week on the Wii marketplace. WiiWare has the latest installment in the Monkey Island series, DSiWare has a new Bookworm game, and one of our favorites here at GR, Solomon's Key, hits the Virtual Console. Click read more for the full info.


Whether you succumbed to a food coma, found yourself trapped at the mall or just planted yourself in front of the television, clearly you need a break from the exhausting holiday weekend. And Nintendo is here to help, with 10 downloadable games sure to provide a welcome distraction. WiiWare™ brings the latest installment in the gripping Tales of Monkey Island series, while Nintendo DSiWare™ serves up some magic along with the popular Bookworm™ and Foto Face: The Face Stealer Strikes, a game starring...you. And don't forget to take a trip down memory lane with two Virtual Console™ classics - one from Super NES™ and one from the arcades.

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