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2009/11/20 10:37:37: By DM
The Wii hit No More Heroes has been confirmed for PS3 and Xbox360. One of the main complaints about the game was that the graphics detracted form the title. Well, as you can see from the screens, the game now looks fantastic. How the game is going to work with the controller, we are not sure. More info when we have it.
2009/11/19 16:03:39: By DM
Sony is apparently considering a subscription fee for the PSN's upper tier services. The free PSN service would see exist, but it would now be secondary to PSN pay, similar to XB Live Silver and XB Live Gold. This is not entirely unexpected, as Sony has gone almost two years now with a reported loss in the Playstation division. Xbox Live is a huge moneymaker for MS, so it only stands to reason and makes smart business sense. The only thing is, Sony will have to kick up the level of service and quality of the PSN to get people to pay for it.
2009/11/19 14:09:33: By DM
It seems that hackers have discovered four new gameplay modes that will likely be unlocked with DLC in Modern Warfare 2. The four modes, Area, One Flag, VIP, and Global Thermal Nuclear War, are all listed in the source code of the game but are all unfinished. Three even have the tag "Fix after ship" on them. This likely means a coming download add on will activate and complete them. Check the link for the full description of the modes.

2009/11/19 10:40:52: By DM
It seems that Activision now has a third developer working on their behemoth franchise, Call of Duty. No word on which developer it is, but rumors suggest Sledgehammer Games. Modern Warfare 2, as you well know, is breaking all kinds of records, and now it is rumored that the new CoD game will be an MMO type project. Sounds interesting. Rumor mill for now, more info when we have it.
2009/11/19 10:38:09: By DM
Sony is headed for its second straight year of loss in the Playstation division, apparently, and they are going to try new strategies to help change that. One of those plans is to make the Playstation 3 fully 3D compatible by March 2012.By then, Sony expects the 3D phenomenon to be in full swing, with 3D HDTVs all over the market. Sounds cool, but we will have to wait and see.
2009/11/18 16:59:25: By DM
PSN manager James Thorpe has suggested that the cross-game-chat feature will be finally hitting PS3 soon. There is no set date, but Sony realizes how much fans need the feature. As of now, many players use their Xbox360 for party chat while playing PS3 games. This is partly due to the cross game feature not being implemented, and partly due to the crappy quality and interface of PS3 chat. Hopefully Sony listens to users.
2009/11/18 15:43:34: By DM
This is rumor mill for sure, but according to FGOnline, Sony has chosen the GPU for their next console. Apparently, Sony has chosen the Imagination Technologies PowerVR series 6 architecture for the Playstation 4. The console is supposedly scheduled for a 2012 release. This IMGTEC Series 6 is set to be officially announced in 2010, with the initial models targeting smartphones and netbooks. A smartphone/netbook GPU in the PS4? This sounds suspect. Stay tuned for anything!
2009/11/18 14:17:43: By DM
Well, it's official. Not like any of us did not know it was coming, but now the numbers prove it. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 has become the biggest entertainment product launch in history. In just five days, the game has grossed 550 million USD in the US alone, which beats all previous first and five-day records for movies, games, and books. Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince held the record for the highest grossing film over five days, and GTA IV was the previous game record holder for five day sales. ModWar 2 has owned them both. Congrats to Activision and Infinity Ward.

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