2008/02/24 13:49:06: By vividbreeze

2008/02/22 1:44:22: By DM
Gamespot has a whole new slew of Street Fighter IV videos showing off almost every characters super. For those Capcom fighting heads among you, this is surely something not to miss.
2008/02/15 13:24:28: By DM
CVG scored some information about a new Street Fighter IV character called Abel. Abel suffers from amnesia as well, and looks across between Dudly from SF3 and Balrog (M. Bison in Japan) from SFII. Check out the screens over at CVG.

2008/02/06 1:38:53: By DM
Famitsu has some new images of the Street Fighter IV players. Chun, Guile, E. Honda, Blanka, Dhalsim, and Zangeif are all back in action baby. Check it out.
2008/02/03 0:29:36: By DM
The makers of Guilty Gear are keeping us in 2D fighters, thank god, since no one else is apparently. They have announced a new HD 2D fighter in the style of GG called BlueBlaze. As you can see from the Famitsu images, the game looks like it may give SF4 a run for the money. Not really, but still.
2008/01/09 9:20:51: By DM
New images and info about Street Fighter IV have appeared in the most recent issue of Famitsu, and we have them for you! The biggest news is that a brand spankin' new character is revealed! Her name is Crimson Viper (assuming we translated correctly), and she looks like a cross between SNK's Vanessa and the singer Pink! If anyone can translate some more info on her fighting style from the images, please comment!
2007/12/06 12:56:50: By DM
Here is a bit more info on Street Fighter IV, along with the official logo. This fact sheet is direct from Capcom, so you can at least get a tiny bit of info to hold you over until the next screenshot comes. Click read more for the images and official info.


SAN MATEO, CA — December 6, 2007 - Capcom®, a leading worldwide developer and publisher of video games, today officially announced development of Street Fighter™ IV, the next iteration of the genre-establishing fighting game series. This marks the first new entry announced in nearly eight years, following the acclaimed Street Fighter III Third Strike.
2007/08/21 16:48:42: By HoTHiTTeR
Label this as AWESOME! Arm Spirit made by Atlus is an Arm wrestling game in Japan arcades. Well, lets just say some folks got a little TOO into the game, and when they faced the final boss, a professional wrestler; SNAP! The game was recalled from all 150 arcades it was installed in.

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