2006/03/19 14:19:16: By DM
According to Gamasutra, Far Cry, Counter-Strike co-developers Turtle Rock Studios' new Source engine-based project, and Konami's big 25th anniversary celebration for Frogger, are all going to get the arcade treatment. Global VR, a developer of arcade machines, has announced plans to produce coin-op versions of all three of the above games. As you know, Gloabl VR had previously announced plans to produce an arcade version of EA's NASCAR series.
2006/03/14 18:13:36: By DM
It seems that EA's NASCAR series of games is popular enough to warrant a coin-op arcade version of the game. EA and Global VR have inked a deal to produce arcade cabinets that will feature the popular NASCAR game. Click read more for the full press info.

SAN JOSE, Calif., March 14 /PRNewswire/ -- GLOBAL VR(R), one of the world's leading manufacturers of coin-operated video games today announced that it has signed an exclusive agreement with Electronic Arts to develop and manufacture a coin-operated video game based on EA's popular NASCAR(R) racing game. The coin-operated video game industry has seen several successful driving games over the years but only now will players be able to enjoy the true NASCAR experience. With the new NASCAR game, players will select from today's most popular drivers, including Jeff Gordon and Jimmie Johnson, drive in official cars and select tracks such as Indianapolis Motor Speedway, and Daytona. Perhaps the most important new element will be the use of cutting edge technology in the game's development. State-of-the-art graphics, AI and physics engines promise to deliver a racing experience that could only be replicated in the cockpit of an official NASCAR vehicle.
2006/03/08 7:44:21: By vividbreeze
How awesome it would be to have your very own arcade racer right in your home! Just submit your crazy race photo and it enters you in for a chance to win the new Outrun 2 arcade machine and 6 runner ups will recieve a copy of any version they want on our current-gen systems, check it out.

2006/02/17 16:56:44: By DM
IGn has posted some new footage from the new Sega Lindbergh hardware arcade game Afterburner Climax. The gam emove extremely fast, as you will see, and looks like it retains the frenetic pace of the past AB titles. Check it out.
2006/02/16 11:48:25: By DM
One of our readers sends along this excellent cam footage of Virtua Fighter 5 from one of the Acrade demos. The game looks very impressive, cannot wait for some direct feed videos. Click on the news title for the video.
2006/02/10 9:37:52: By DM
There are a ton of videos of Sega's new Virtua Fighter over at filefront. While the videos are of shakeycam quality, you can certainly get a good feel for the game. It looks fantastic to be sure, even in cam vids. Check it out.
2006/01/31 20:21:01: By DM
Kikizo has a report and video from their hands on experience with House Of The Dead 4, Sega's newest zombie shooter. As you know, this game is based on Sega's latest arcade hardware, and looks pretty impressive.
2006/01/30 13:41:03: By vividbreeze
Soul Calibur 3 was recently released on the Playstation 2 as a exclusive title. Today Namco has announced that they will be bringing the same game to the Japanese arcades, and who knows if they will include any extras or if its just a straight port. No announcement yet on bringing it to the USA though.

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