2005/12/06 9:17:05: By DM
Gamespot got their hands on Virtua Fighter 5, and their report on the game is posted. The gameplay is largely the same as Virtua Fighter games of the past, but the graphics this time aroud are just amazing. Wrinkles on skin, strands of hair, it was all there. Check this out if you are a VF fan.
2005/11/28 9:05:42: By DM
Kikizo has posted some gameplay vids for Virtua Fighter 5 from the recent arcade showing in Japan. The movies are not the best quality, in fact they are pretty horrible, but seeing as how they are some of the only media available, they will have to do.
2005/11/26 13:30:22: By DM
VF5 was recently previewed in an arcade in Japan and IGN was there to check it out. VF5 retains the basic control setup of VF4, with the 3 button 8-way joystick setup. The stages are the 4-sided type found in Virtua Fighter 4, and if players invest in a player card they can cutsomize their fighter's look. The game should hit arcades for real sometime next year. Here in the US, we do not have many arcades at all, much less arcades that would get VF5. We got some new character shots in as well, click on the news title for those.

2005/11/22 16:15:07: By DM
1up has posted some new videos form the arcade version of Mario Kart GP. This is the multi-linked arcade port of the immensly popular Nintendo Kart racing series, and it looks like one heck of a lot of fun.

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