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2006/07/28 14:55:05: By vividbreeze
One of our favorite platform games of all time will be making its way onto DVD this year -- as a movie! The Jak & Daxter Complete Trilogy will retell the epic tale of two heroes that have purged the Dark Maker menace and survived. The 90min movie will take us from the original Jak & Daxter game right into their latest adventure from Jak X: Combat Racing. Check the link for your chance to win a free copy of this much anticipated movie.
2006/07/25 12:59:46: By purbeast
Anyone who has been around since the NES days has been waiting for this movie to be released on DVD. For those of you who don't know, in "The Wizard" we got to see Super Mario Brothers 3 for the very first time in it's playable form - and boy were we in for a treat when we saw it on the huge screen in this movie! Amazon.com is taking pre-orders for $11.99 and it will be shipping on August 22nd. I already have mine on pre-order. Click on the link to see the pre-order page.
2006/06/28 8:07:12: By DM
First off, Paul W.S. Anderson won't shoot this film until after he finishes the Deathrace 3000 remake. About the movie he says "It will integrate Dracula's origin story with the story of the Belmonts." Sounds interesting.

2006/06/20 9:42:43: By purbeast
After Uwe Boll personally said he would take on any movie critics who bash his movies in a 10 round bout in the ring ( link ), Lowtax of SomethingAwful.com wanted to take the challenge. However since he wasn't "officially" a movie critic, and only bashed the Boll flicks on the internet, he then decided to write up movie reviews on Alone in the Dark and House of the dead.

So now that he is "officially" a movie critic, he can now step into the ring for 10 rounds of battle against Uwe Boll, and it's all going to be caught on tape. Click on the link above for the full review that is going to get these two duking it out.
2006/06/15 10:51:48: By DM
According to the press today, Warner Brothers is set to release a new slew of Conan movies. Boaz Yakin, the man behind 'Remember The Titans' and 'The Rookie' scripts is penning the movies. These new films will be incorporated into the Age Of Conan MMO that is scheduled for release. Click read more for the full press info.


Durham, USA — June 15, 2006 – Funcom points to an announcement from Paradox Entertainment where plans related to an upcoming Conan movie from Warner brothers are revealed and confirmed. According to Paradox Entertainment the deal may include several Conan movies.
2006/06/09 12:56:23: By vividbreeze
Dueling alien races, the Autobots and the Decepticons, bring their battle to Earth, leaving the future of humankind hanging in the balance. Transformers will arrive in theaters for their war, on our earth on July 7th 2007! No trailers are availible yet but you can register for updated news and don't forget to buy your tickets early for this movie!
2006/06/06 15:48:37: By DM
Apparently, Uwe Boll is suing the distribution company for the Bloodrayne film. Apparently the company misappropraited the fund that were given to them to help promote the film, and did not fullfill their end of the contract to display the move on 2000 screens. We are sure the movie being utterly disgusting had nothing to do with it.
2006/05/23 13:56:18: By DM
Apparently top movie studios are looking to delay the HDCP copy protection system for four to six years. This would mean that all movie content produced until 2010 at the earliest, and possibly as far as 2012, will not carry the Image Constraint Token - a security feature which would restrict high-definition playback only to equipment with HDMI ports and HDCP. This may be why Xbox630 and PS3 do not currently require HDMI for HD Video output.

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