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2008/05/09 18:42:24: By DM
In a filing with the SEC today, EA revealed that it had received a commitment for up to 1 billion USD in unsecured funds for the possible acquisition of Take Two. EA says they expect the cost of the merger to be around 2.1 billion USD, and that as of March 31, it had assets available in the amount of 2.3 billion USD. Looks like EA is going to press until they own Take Two.
2008/05/08 10:13:15: By DM
THQ and Marvel have inked a deal to develop games based on the Super Hero Squad toy figurines. The first game is set for release in 2009, and THQ has secured the exclusive rights to develop games for the brand on all platforms.

"Marvel is one of the true crown jewels in the entertainment industry and we are thrilled at the prospect of both building the Marvel Super Hero Squad brand and further developing our relationship with Marvel," said Brian Farrell, president and CEO of THQ.
2008/05/06 15:26:01: By DM
Today at Sony's PS Day event, Sony reps claimed that the PS3 has outsold the Xbox360 in Europe. The PS3 has sold 5 million units overseas, and according to Kaz Hirai, is still on track with the "10 year plan." Hopefully things start to pick up for Sony, gamewise that is.

2008/05/06 8:38:34: By DM
Apparently, Activision CEO Bobby Kotick recently said of EA that the publisher "“did a very good job of taking the soul out of a lot of the studios it acquired”. Well, EA's VP of corporate communications, Jeff Brown, responded with this:

"The truth is, everyone laughed," Jeff Brown told Newsweek's Level up and continued with “It's too early to declare victory but if you talk to people like Patrick Soderlund at dice in Stockholm, Mark Jacobs at Mythic in Virginia or Josh Resnick at Pandemic - they'll probably tell you that it's working. They get a lot of resources and creative freedom. That freedom has already contributed new start-ups like Dead Space, Mirror's Edge and Boom Blox and there's a lot of others to be announced soon."
2008/05/05 15:55:53: By DM
A few weeks back, there was info leaked that a developer was working on a Wiimote-type controller for the Xbox360. Well, Nintendo president Satoru Iwata dismissed that threat out of hand, claiming that Nintendo will continue to offer the innovative software to go with the hardware.

"All I can say today is, it is not that easy to develop software which leverages the characteristics of Wii Remote," he said in a fiscal review.
2008/05/05 10:46:54: By DM
An article in Forbes entitled "How GTAIV Threatens The Wii," is now posted over at the Forbes website. According to the author, the Nintendo Wii has been reigning supreme, that is until the release of GTAIV. Take Two is expected to make $400 million USD alone in the first week of sales. And with the game being available on both PS3 and Xbox360, the Wii may suffer serious damage.
2008/05/05 8:58:46: By DM
Microsoft has officially ceased its bid to acquire internet giant Yahoo. The takeover attempt was 33 USD per share, for a total value of 47.5 billion. The offer was rejected, and MS then threatened to start a proxy fight (a hostile takeover of sorts). It seems now though that things may just end without a war.
2008/05/02 13:07:36: By DM
Take Two chairman Strauss Zelnick has stated that the company's plan to avodi takeover until after the release of GTAIV has worked. The outstanding sales of the title have pushed up the stock price of T2, which, in turn, drives up the potential buyout price. Clever plan.

“The critical and consumer response to Grand Theft Auto IV vindicates our strategy of waiting until the launch with regard to E.A.’s offer,” said Zelnick in a New York Times interview.

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