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2007/02/20 16:10:57: By DM
Following the recent departure of Xbox Live's Greg Canessa for casual game publisher/developer PopCap Games, Ross Erickson, portfolio manager for Xbox Live, has left to join Sierra Online. As we just reported today, Sierra Online just acquuired the Xbox Live developer Wanako Games (Assault Heroes). Interesting coincidence.
2007/02/20 11:40:15: By DM
Vivendi has outright acquired the developer of Assault Heroes for XBLA, Wanako Games. Assault Heroes will now fall under the Sierra Online banner, and seeing as how the title is one of the best XBLA games available, we expect a lot. Wanako's next project is 3D Ultra Minigolf Adventures for the Live Arcade, and on top of that there are a number of original titles in development as well. We would like an Assault Heroes add-on please!
2007/02/19 10:56:41: By DM
According to Gamasutra, Eidos is expanding their operations into the Montreal area. The developer plans to open a new satellite office there, due to favorable tax and government incentives. Eidos has been converting the more favorable responses to Hitman and Tomb Raider into expansion capital. With games like Kane and Lynch and Battlestations: Midway in the pipe, they ought to do well.

2007/02/14 18:15:15: By DM
Well folks, it is official. Despite the horrible failure of his "Getting Up" game, Marc Ecko has started his own game development firm. “Marc Ecko Entertainment” will produce games along the same vein as Getting Up, and Ecko promises he has learned all the harsh lessons the fickle gaming industry has to teach with just one semi-failed title. We hope so Marc, we really do!


“Marc Ecko Entertainment” to concentrate on investment and development of next generation videogame properties.
2007/02/13 0:32:56: By DM
EA today annoucned that it has acquired the online karaoke website SlingShot Media. The site is a MySpace-esque page community where users can record and share their self-sung versions of popular (and some not-so-popular_ songs. ThinkMySpace meets YouTube meets an AIM Buddy Profile. Whether EA has major changes in store for this site or just plans to make it into another cash cow is not clear, but knowing EA, we tend to favor the former.
2007/02/12 14:38:05: By vividbreeze

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS – FEBRUARY 12, 2007 – Wideload Games, creator of the award-winning Stubbs the Zombie, announced today they have picked Gamecock Media Group to publish their next title – Hail to the Chimp. The title is expected to ship in Spring 2008.
2007/02/12 12:25:34: By DM
It seems that the EU may be banding together to ban the use of sock-puppets. So what, you say? Well a sock-puppet, in ad terms, bascially means an entity created to look real and credible, but with the sole purpose of promoting a product or service. In other words, viral sites like ilovebees.com. This could be real bad news for the up and coming viral marketing houses that are all the rage with game publishers these days.
2007/02/09 21:42:16: By vividbreeze

Seattle, Washington - Feb 09, 2007 Penny Arcade, creators of the popular videogame- oriented web comic of the same name and game developer Hothead Games today announced that Michael Meyers Public Relations (MMPR) has been selected to carry out the public relations campaign for the first-ever Penny Arcade videogame, Penny Arcade Adventures: On the Rain-Slick Precipice of Darkness.

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