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2008/06/03 8:41:21: By DM
Street Fighter IV producer Yoshinori Ono spoke to Eurogamer about one of the new boss characters in the game, Seth. He hinted that he will be playable, unlockable we are sure. Seth has something to do with M. Bison and Shadowloo, and it turns out Seth is involved in the evil boss's comeback somehow. Seth is not an ordinary human being, and we will find out why once the game hits.
2008/06/02 15:19:54: By DM
More Prince of Persia news, it seems that Ubisoft is developing another PoP game to go along with the release of the upcoming Prince movie. Yes, there is a movie coming, in case you did not know. We know what happens to most games based on movies though... oh boy.
2008/06/02 15:16:39: By DM
The developers of the new Prince of Persia game, Ben Mattes, the producer, stated that the game is the "spiritual successor" to Sand of Time. This is great news, considering many still believe Sand of Time to be the best PoP to date.

I would bet my job that the answer is no. You've seen some dark stuff because that's kind of what we want to show you at the start, but more than anything before this is the spiritual successor to the Sands of Time."

2008/06/02 13:52:54: By DM
EA has promised that FIFA 09 includes over 250 "key improvements" in game play, presentation, and more. Improved responsiveness that allows for quicker release of the ball, better collision detection, and a new jostle system are just a few of the fixes. Hopefully they did not go overboard.
2008/06/02 13:04:45: By DM
Well, Harmonix is teaming up with Q Entertainment in Japan to bring the music game to the land of the Rising Sun. The game has apparently commanded sales of over 12 million downloaded songs. Impressive. The Japanese version of the game will, of course, feature localized song additions to the game's roster. Click read more for the full info.


CAMBRIDGE, Mass - June 2, 2008 – Harmonix Music Systems, the leading developer of music-based games, and MTV Games, a part of Viacom’s MTV Networks (NYSE: VIA, VIA.B), announced today that they will team up with Q Entertainment, a leading Japanese music game designer, to bring the best-selling music videogame Rock Band to Japan. The two studios will work together to develop the title, marking the first US-originated rock music game to be heavily localized for the Japanese market. The game will feature Japanese musical acts as well as other localized assets.
2008/05/31 22:37:49: By DM
A new trailer for Street Fighter IV has been released over at the official website. The reason it is called the "Epic" trailer has nothing to do with the grand scale, as you will hear right away. Enjoy, it has a decent amount of gameplay. This game is going to be great. For those of you who just cannot get enough, remember, we are still uploading the 100+ screenshots of SFIV that Capcom sent yesterday. Check the media section.
2008/05/31 1:18:16: By DM
The new promised trailer for Resident Evil 5 is posted over at Gametrailers. As you can see, the game looks amazing, without even any slowdown. Let's hope it holds up for retail.

2008/05/30 12:53:43: By DM
Gamasutra spoke with Mark Rein from Epic recently about the state of things over at the mega-developer's offices, and whats in store for us gamers. He talks a bit about Midway's adoption of the UE3 engine as a studio-wide base technology. He also touches upon Unreal Tournament III, and just what is happening with the title. He says they are working on a solution to help gamers provide and utilize user-created content on the Xbox360 edition of UT III. So much for the PS3 "modder's exclusive," we suppose.

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