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2008/07/10 11:56:09: By DM
This certainly seems a bit hard to swallow, but according to GamesRadar, EA has confirmed that FIFA 09 will feature a whopping 10 vs 10 player online play. This is for both PS3 and Xbox360, mind you, and both platforms are near-identical, says EA. We hope this also means you can do things like five players vs none (co-op vs AI). Would be a shame if you cannot. We can't wait to try this one out, folks.
2008/07/10 10:35:20: By DM
Just a quick post. Our friends and Namco reminded us that there is a real nice Soul Calibur IV video over at this website (just click on video). In honor of the release of the excellent original version of Soul Calibur on XBLA, the game that started it all, check this video out, and grab SC IV when it hits!
2008/07/10 9:58:48: By DM
For those Street Fighter fans out there who have been reading all about the new game and are a bit confused, now you don't have to be. Over at the official Capcom Unity forums, there is a confirmed character list and SF IV FAQ. It answers pretty much all the questions you have about the game that there are answers for right now. Check it out.

2008/07/10 8:47:11: By DM
The first celebrity to appear ion the third installment of Postal has been announced. Randy Jones, the original macho man himself from the Village People will be making an appearance. More celebrity signings to come for Postal III, so stay tuned. Click read more for the full info.


Tucson, AZ: Running With Scissors (RWS) has announced Randy Jones of the original '70's musical group sensation The Village People as the first in a series of celebrities who will be appearing in the third major installment of its long-running POSTAL series, POSTAL III.
2008/07/09 13:31:00: By DM
Apparently, when Lucasarts sacked the entire Star Wars TFU team, one of the disgruntled employees listed Star Wars Battlefront as a new project. Then, the new Battlefront title was spotted on Amazon for a while before it was removed. Sounds like a safe bet to us, rumor mill for now, though.
2008/07/08 16:10:59: By DM
Konami has updated MG Online with two brand new modes of play. Team Sneaking and Headshot Only are now both available for play. Team Sneaking lets all teammates play as secret agents, invisible until spotted. The objective is to infiltrate, attack the objective, and then exfiltrate before the time runs out.

Headshot only is pretty self explanatory here, , but just in case, you need to get a headshot in order to score. Easy. Good to hear Konami is supporting their title.
2008/07/08 11:48:47: By DM
EA is celebrating the 20th year of its Madden NFL franchise with a special soundtrack for this year's game. Click read more for the full list.


REDWOOD CITY, Calif. – July 8, 2008 Electronic Arts Inc (NASDAQ: ERTS) today unveiled the music track listing for Madden NFL 09, set to release August 12, 2008. The new soundtrack features 26 songs from a multi-genre roster of superstar acts and soon-to-breakthrough artists, including Franz Ferdinand, Good Charlotte, Airbourne, From First To Last, The All-American Rejects, Rev Theory, K’Naan, and Kidz In The Hall. Madden NFL, the biggest-selling sports franchise in videogame history, celebrates its 20th anniversary this year with a full slate of live music events, tributes and television appearances leading up the game’s street date.
2008/07/08 11:21:18: By DM
Bethesda claims that Fallout 3, their post-apocalyptic RPG, will contain over 40,000 lines of dialogue. This is about 20 times the amount contained in the original game. In fact, this puts the game on par with Fable II. The info comes from a new Q&A posted on the official forums. There are also three new screens, click read more to view them.

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