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2008/02/22 14:24:40: By vividbreeze
One of the classic ‘old skool’ games is to be given a new lease of life, as Eidos New Media unleashes an updated version of Jeff Minter’s classic Gridrunner for the Flash community this week.
2008/02/22 13:22:18: By vividbreeze


San Diego, CA (February 21, 2008) – iZ3D, LLC, designer, developer, and marketer of advanced 3D visualization systems, is pleased to announce that the award-winning online retailer www.newegg.com now offers the iZ3D 22-inch widescreen 3D monitor at retail. Offering commercial-grade image quality and display brightness, the monitor is designed to replace standard 2D monitors and provides users an immersive 3D viewing experience. The iZ3D monitor will be available for purchase at www.newegg.com beginning February 15 at an introductory price of $699.99.
2008/02/22 9:22:30: By vividbreeze
Portal is a single-player first-person action/puzzle video game developed by Valve. The game was released in a bundle package known as The Orange Box. Valve's Kim Swift confirmed that Portal 2 is now in the works on G4's XPlay last night. Can we also hope for a Half Life: Episode 3 any time soon?

2008/02/21 9:24:29: By vividbreeze


SANTA CLARA, CA—FEBRUARY 21, 2008—NVIDIA Corporation, the world leader in visual computing technologies, has unveiled the first graphics processing unit (GPU) in its next-generation GeForce 9 Series that may offer the largest single-generation performance jump in the company’s history. Introduced today, the NVIDIA GeForce 9600 GT delivers up to 116%(i) more performance than its predecessor.
2008/02/16 11:25:25: By vividbreeze
Audiosurf, the full game and demo, is now available via Steam. Available for just $9.95, the Steam version of Audiosurf includes The Orange Box soundtrack, integrated with the game to enable "Still Alive" surfing and more.
Audiosurf is one of the first titles to leverage the recently announced Steamworks, offering full support for the Steam Achievements that appear on Steam Community profile pages.
2008/02/13 15:45:41: By DM
A new caucauss is being formed by the likes of Microsoft, Nvidia and AMD, among others. This new "PC Gaming Alliance," as it is being called, exists to further the public image and cause of video gaming on the PC. The home consoles are dominating, and now, with prices low enough that even a teenager can afford a decent PC rig, it is the time to bring PC gaming up to snuff with the consoles. The official announcement of the group's formation will come just before this year;s GDC expo. Sounds good to us, the more PC gaming to give our SLI a workout, the better!
2008/02/12 15:12:35: By DM
The announcement many Sims fans have been waiting for is here. Will Wright, the man behind The Sims, has announced that September 7, 2008 will see the release of the much anticiapted evolution game, Spore. Click read more for the full info.


Chertsey, UK - February 12, 2008 – Get ready for the next Big Bang this fall! Electronic Arts Inc. (NASDAQ: ERTS) and Maxis today announced that Spore™, the highly anticipated game from the creators of The Sims™, will be available at retailers worldwide the weekend of September 7. Spore will be available for the PC, Macintosh, Nintendo DS™, and mobile phones.
2008/02/12 12:00:04: By vividbreeze


February 11, 2008 - Audiosurf, Dylan Fitterer's innovative new title that allows gamers to "ride their music," is now available for pre-purchase via Steam.

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