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2008/01/23 11:01:25: By HoTHiTTeR
I'm really not even sure what to say... I'm almost speechless with glee. A basketball RPG with everyone's favorite Southern boy, Charles Barkley? Sold. Sold x 1,000,000. With 16bit-ish graphics, classic gameplay, a 4-5hr play time, Micheal Jordan, and catch phrases like "post-cyberpocalypse"; how can you go wrong?

2008/01/22 13:51:06: By DM
Well, it is official folks, World of Warcrack has surpassed 10 million subscribers. This is a truly awesome feat, as the WoW subscriber base now represents about .2% of the world's population. We call that impressive.
2008/01/21 8:50:42: By DM
EA has decided to step into the free PC game arena with the release of a brand new Battlefield game. The game will be called Battlefield Heroes, and it will be free for gamers, but with a catch - it is ad supported. Micro-transactions and in-game ads will pay the game's way. We are big BF fans here at GR, so we will definiately be tryign this one out. Stay tuned!

2007/12/31 8:17:26: By DM
Valve's Steam digital game download service is still one of the most popular services of that type around. Now, it seems that Steam is set to offer Grand Theft Auto 1, 2, and 3 as a trilogy set, for download. This rumor is based on the factr that the games had a phantom appearance on the Steam service with a price tag of $0, but it seems like a good sign. Who knows, may be even GTA4 will make it to Steam eventually. Rumor mill for now.
2007/12/31 8:11:25: By DM
For those Starcraft fans among you out there who cannot wait for SC2, here is something that might hold you over. Project Revolution, which has been in development for three years or so, now has a downloadable demo available. The software is a mod for Warcraft III: Frozen Throne, and it allows you to play the Terran Starcraft race in full 3D glory! You must have the Starcraft: Brood War and Warcraft III: Frozen Throne CDs installed and updated with the latest patches (All English-version) and load the CDs on your CD-Drive when asked by the installer in order to play this demo, though, so dig them out and give it a shot! Sorry though, no Mac, no Vista, as of now.
2007/12/20 17:04:18: By HoTHiTTeR
It looks like the PC gamers are getting a little something extra in their holiday stockings this year. Included in the v1.4 patch will be a Christmas themed version of everyone's favorite map; Crash. Along side some server improvements, and accuracy adjustments, you'll now be able to snipe your buddy through a candy cane. Awesome.

2007/12/19 13:56:25: By DM
Apparently there have been screens floating around the net that are supposedly from an early build of Gothic 4. Well, Jowood has released an official statement denying that these are real screenshots, and warning everyone that these screens do not represent the game at all. Click read more for the full info.


Liezen, Austria, December 19th 2007; JoWooD Productions would like to issue a statement regarding screenshots recently appearing in press that have been attributed to the company’s highly anticipated RPG title, Gothic 4. The Austrian Publisher denies any connection between the screenshots and the upcoming successor of its famous brand Gothic.
2007/12/17 10:20:49: By HoTHiTTeR
Literally out of thin air comes the Phantom Lapboard, now on sale at the mildly shady looking Phantom website. In development since 2002, and named Wired's "Vaporware 2004" winner, I'm truly surprised that these are *really* on sale. Please take whatever precautions are necessary if you plan on ordering one of these for nostalgias sake, we can't verify the legitimacy of their online store.

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