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2007/04/16 13:15:56: By DM
Crysis Fever is another fan site that got to attend the Crysis Community Summit. They posted their impressions of the multiplayer part of the game, check it out.
2007/04/14 6:37:11: By vividbreeze
Fragland went to London for two days to meet the devs of Splash Damage who are currently working on Enemy Territory : Quake Wars. Their report of this trip is now available online.

**UPDATE** On the request of Activision, Fragland has taken their event coverage of last week’s Quake Wars event offline until Monday. So check back Monday morning.
2007/04/14 5:54:19: By vividbreeze
Acclaim Games announces the start of open beta testing for DANCE! Online, the first free to play massively multiplayer online dancing game to hit the US. DANCE! Online BETA is immediately available to all registered players to play for free with their friends.

2007/04/13 11:40:46: By DM
It has been confirmed that Capcom's successful shooter Lost Planet will be heading to the PC. According to Famitsu, the game will support DirectX 10 and online play. No word yet on a release date.
2007/04/13 6:10:11: By vividbreeze


Los Angeles and New York, April 12, 2007 – Acclaim Games today announced the launch of the online game DANCE! Online, a free-to-play multiplayer online dancing game. In an industry first, DANCE! Online will feature top talent and master recordings from Warner Music Group Corp. (NYSE: WMG), making it the first free multiplayer online dance game to feature major label content and artists. With the start of “Open Beta” testing this week, thousands of U.S. PC users will have the opportunity to dance virtually to songs from select WMG artists.
2007/04/12 12:30:33: By DM
Those of us who completed Neverwinter Nights 2 know that the game was epic, but the ending lacked quite a lot. Well, Obsidian has officially announced the expansion for the game, called the Mask of the Betrayer. Hopefully this will fix some of the holes in the story that were left when the original game was completed.
2007/04/05 16:21:41: By DM
1up has posted a new Q&A with the outspoken Peter Moore. The subject? The new Games For Windows Live service. Many gamers have questions like "why would I pay for something I get for free on my PC already?" See what Pete has to say.
2007/03/28 12:46:18: By DM
GameInformer has posted the second part of their Team Fortress 2 interview. The article covers where the game is headed, the maps, the new game staples, and more. Robin Walker, the co-creator of the original Team Fortress, continues to speak about the game along with Charlie Brown, the Engineer and Project lead.

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