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2009/02/25 10:58:26: By DM
John Carmack, the legendary FPS man, revealed that his company, id Software, is considering making a game for the Nintendo Wii. Speaking to MTV, Carmack said that id is currently in talks to bring one of its secret projects to the Nintendo platform. Nothing is set in stone yet, but chances are there will be a Wii id game on the horizon. No details on the project itself were given.
2009/02/24 9:34:15: By DM
According to Matt at IGN, it has been confirmed that MadWorld, the upcoming bloody Sega game for the Wii, runs in widescreen 480i mode. It is black and white, except for the red blood, so it may not be that much of an issue, but still, it will upset the HD crowd. Matt attributes this to the fact that the developer does not realize how big of deal 480p is to many Wii owners, since they are not a lazy studio, which would be the usual excuse for no 480p. Let's hope the game still looks as great as it sounds.
2009/02/24 9:26:42: By DM
The Wii Shop Channel releases for the week include more than just 2 games, finally. Also, this week marks the debut of Commodore 64 games in the Virtual Console section. The Last Ninja and International Karate are both hitting the Virtual Console, and both are originally C64 games. The WiiWare title for the week is Onslaught from Hudson. The game is an FPS which is set in the future. Click read more for the full info.


Hang onto your hats – and your Wii Remote™ controllers – as we unveil a set of exciting firsts for the Wii™ Shop Channel this week. For starters, the new Onslaught™ marks the first-ever first-person shooter to be released via the WiiWare™ service. Using the intuitive wireless controls Wii is known for, the game puts players at the center of a pulse-pounding adventure that fans of futuristic sci-fi and multiplayer action will love.

2009/02/19 15:47:34: By DM
EA revealed this week, as we told you, that Dead Space was coming to Wii in the form of a game subtitled Extraction. The game will be a brand new story, set as a prequel to the game released on the other consoles. The game will use the motion controls of the Wii to create a "new action-packed horror experience," and scare gamers good. Users will take on the role of an unknown heroine, and help her join a group of colonists who are struggling to escape the infection. This infection has corrupted the colony, of course, and gamers will have access to all new weapons, characters, and enemies. It should be worth buying even if you finished the first game.
2009/02/19 14:13:41: By DM
Madworld. the upcoming Wii game from Sega that has stirred up all sorts of controversy due to its violence, may already be getting a sequel. The game is done in black and white graphic novel style, with the exception of the stark red gore, and has caught the interest of many gamers due to this fact. The game's producer, Atsushi Inaba has revealed that his company, Platinum Games (the developer), has several rights so they are working on other projects, but if there is enough interest then "maybe we will make another one [Madworld]." We are betting there will be.
2009/02/19 12:01:36: By DM
EA has revealed that at its upcoming EA Sports event in San Francisco, the new Tiger Woods Wiimotion Plus edition will debut. Along with some of next year's EA Sports titles like Fight Night Round 4 and FIFA Ultimate Team, Tiger Woods 2010 should finally reveal how the new Wiimotion accessory works in the real world, not just on stage at E3.
2009/02/18 15:17:29: By DM
Harmonix has announced that seven new tracks are available for owners of the Wii Rock Band game. The songs are all from the band Nirvana, and are available in the Rock Band music store. "Polly," "Something In The Way," "Territorial Pissings," and "Breed," are just some of the tracks featured. The music cost $2 USD per song. Click read more for the full info.


Cambridge, Mass. – February 17, 2009 - Harmonix and MTV Games announced today the addition of seven tracks from alternative grunge band Nirvana to the Rock Band® Music Store catalog of downloadable content for Wii™ home videogame console from Nintendo.
2009/02/18 13:01:03: By DM
The developer of Super Smash Bros. Brawl for the Nintendo Wii is apparently working on a new title for Nintendo. He is heading up a brand new studio with about 50 workers, which is called Project Sora, for now. The man himself, Masahiro Sakurai, who also created Kirby, has only said that the first game is not a new Super Smash Brothers title. Now that he and Nintendo are on the same page, it will be interesting to see what they come up with.

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