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Behind The Bullet Killzone App Released On PSN >
2009/04/02 15:05:08: Posted by DM
For those who have never seen the Killzone TV commercial, it features a bullet fired from a gun, and as the bullet travels, the camera follows it as it passes and eventually hits different bad guys. The commercial was rendered on PS3, and now, you can download an app on the PSN that uses this actual game engine feature to provide an interactive version of this commercial. It is really cool, actually, check it out.

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Killzone 2

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Written by Sky on 2009/04/02

Sony stop being such a show off. we know you have the best looking games already
Written by fixx on 2009/04/02

wow a deluded ps3 fan....shocker :)
Written by Xenos on 2009/04/02

Cool to see what these systems are capable of without any other game logic or physics.
Written by poprocker on 2009/04/03

It was a pretty cool. I really enjoyed the commentary and camera control. Would have been a little more awe struck if it had come out before the game, but it was neat nonetheless.
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