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PETA Holding Seal Clubbing Protest In WoW >
2009/04/08 19:05:14: Posted by DM
PETA, the animal rights group, is holding an online protest against Canada's annual slaughter of baby seals inside the World of Warcraft game. On Saturday, on the Whisperwind server in the US, players will have an opportunity to combat four Horde seal killers as they go about clubbing baby seals. Apparently, they refused to ban the slaughter of seals despite multiple requests from the Alliance, supposedly because Orgrimmar stands to make a large profit from the fur. Talk about taking things a bit too far...

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World Of Warcraft

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Written by Libara on 2009/04/08

Lol thats just sad, I cant see doing a protest in an mmo is going to work, specialy WoW. Most of their players are kids who dont care.
Written by VaeVictus on 2009/04/09

I love tasty animals. I am a member of P.E.T.A.
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