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Street Fighter IV Championship Mode Update Dated, Finally >
2009/04/17 9:50:00: Posted by DM
Finally folks, we have a date for the much-anticipated Street Fighter IV Championship mode update. This free DLC will go live on Friday, April 24, 2009, for both PS3 and XBox360. The update will include a new tournament mode, where players can participate and create online competitions with 5 levels of play. Character selection will be double blind, you will not be able to see who your opponent has picked until you've made both choices. You can even play in arcade mode while waiting for a tournament challenger, just like online play works now. The new replay mode are generated straight from the Championship mode. The top 5000 Championship point leaders will be given the option to upload a replay, which anyone can then watch. There are system specific replay stipulations as well. On PS3, viewers can watch your replay and vote in real time according to characteristics like "beautiful" or "funny." You van vote once every 30 frames, or twice a second, but with an overall total cap to avoid spamming. Replays will be ranked according to user-submitted reviews. On Xbox360, you cannot vote on the matches, but you can watch and then save any of your favorites. You will also have the option to turn on the command input view, so you can see just what the player did to perform that awesome move. Click read more for the official press release.


Update to Street Fighter IV: Championship Mode comes free!

Capcom is bringing new options to Street Fighter IV with an eye towards serious players. Street Fighter IV’s Championship Mode update expands on the fighting fun by offering players the chance to compete in tournaments and to watch replays of the best tournament matches. Best of all: it comes to you at no cost! The Championship Mode update will be available for both PS3 and Xbox 360 owners on Friday, April 24 (times TBD).

Championship Mode offers you the chance to compete in 5 different grades of tournaments, creating the right challenge for players of every skill level. You’ll score Grade Points (GP) for tournament wins, and as your GP total grows, you’ll become eligible to enter into more exclusive tournaments. Winning tournaments will also net you Championship Points (CP). CP are like “prize money” up for grabs in the tournament. The higher the GP skill of the players in a particular tournament, the bigger the CP prize!

Replay Mode allows you to select and watch the best Championship Mode tournament matches.

On the PlayStation Network, you can rate matches while you watch according to characteristics such as “awesome” or “funny.” Replays are then ranked based on these vote ratings.

On Xbox Live, instead of rating the matches, you can choose to download and save your favorite replays to study the players’ techniques. You’ll also be able to turn on the input commands from both players to be able to review their button and joystick motions in precise detail.

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Street Fighter IV

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Written by Xenos on 2009/04/17

Wow, that's F-awesome!

Capgod for sure.
Written by [email protected] on 2009/04/17

If i actually use to play this game i would all excited a sh*t!! This is a Great DLC!!!
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