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Final Fantasy XIV Exclsive To Playstation 3 >
2009/06/02 14:29:20: Posted by DM
At the Sony press conference, not only did Final Fantasy XIII show in video form, but at the end of the trailer, Tretton announced that Final Fantasy XIV will be a Playstation 3 exclusive. Not only that, but the game would be released in 2010! He then showed the first footage of the game, it looks great as per usual with the Final Fantasy trailers that are made of mostly CG.

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Written by incoming00 on 2009/06/02

WTF?! now i sure as hell didnt see that coming!
Written by [email protected] on 2009/06/02

Wait for it!!!! LOL!!!!!!
Written by poprocker on 2009/06/02

Written by arthur56k on 2009/06/02

is this FFXIII versus?
Written by Hand Banana on 2009/06/02

No. FFXIII VS is different. This is actually a sequel to FFXI (The MMORPG.)

Most likely exclusive because FFXI did not sell well on the xbox.
Written by arthur56k on 2009/06/02

oh well, thanks for the info, great news for FF fans.

not a jRPG fan myself, but love to hear news on games that are out on any platform
Written by PimpDaddy on 2009/06/02

I thought Sony didn't buy exclusives. Where the fuck is MadGunde now?
Written by kungfurabbit on 2009/06/02

I don't think they bought this pimp.They just had time to kill while trying to make ff13 fit on 50 360 disc's.
Written by Hand Banana on 2009/06/02

I really doubt they bought this. As i said before, FFXI did not do well on 360 at all, while it did fairly well on PS2. It is only logical to not waste dev costs on pumping out a 360 version that may not do well.

360 is a bit too pop culture for things like this (and that is not a jab at 360, before i get the ole SDF stamp slammed down on me.)
Written by PimpDaddy on 2009/06/02

I don't really see MMO's doing well on any console. Anything where you have to pay a subscription is just doomed for failure. Either way thats why I own all the consoles.

Yes for the record you know some type of money or other financial considerations were made behind the scenes to make a console with a smaller install base get exclusive rights.

Yes Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo pay for exclusives all the time.

I thought it was going to take 100 discs to make FF13 for the 360. Did thier compression techniques get better? :-p
Written by Xenos on 2009/06/02

Some deal had to be made since Squares MMORPG was originally announced to be multiplatform. Also, FFXI sold decent for how early it launched in the 360's life.

No big deal and who knows how "exclusive" this is really. Sorry but no MMO on any console will ever tip the scale or be a megaton IMO.
Written by kungfurabbit on 2009/06/02

Well no one is saying this is going to be at world of warcraft status. But i really think this will do well.
Written by Hand Banana on 2009/06/02

Im hoping it will do well. FFXI did well on ps2.

Keep in mind, too, this will most likely also be on PC, and the servers will be shared (PC and PS3 users playing together.)

FFXI is still running. Add that userbase with new interest and it will have success.

Like Rabbit said, not WOW status, but good.
Written by Xenos on 2009/06/03

In no way am I saying FFXIV will not be great, I'm sure it'll be an awesome MMORPG. I just read one too many "MEGATONS!!!" on the internet to buy into that kind of hype. It's a great catch for Sony, I hope it does well, I just don't think megaton fits the bill here is all.

Also yeah, it was also announced for PC.
Written by Hand Banana on 2009/06/03

I just read over at 1up that square is now saying FFXIV may not be Sony exclusive. They haven't ruled out going multiplatform.

That just made one of Sony's suprise announcements seem a lot less impactful. Why would you announce exclusivity when it is not set in stone? ><

Written by PimpDaddy on 2009/06/03

Hand Banana: Not to sound like too much of a 360 homer. But Microsoft won E3 this year I think. It doesn't make sense for 3rd parties to go exclusive this generation. Games such as COD, RE, Madden, DMC, SF, etc have all shown that they sell well to both the PS3 and 360 demographics.

All these companies need to be as profitable as possible, especially during these tough economic times...
Written by kungfurabbit on 2009/06/03

Multiplat huh, well i hope they make it so we can all play together. I mean ps3,pc,360 alike. Then this would be a blockbuster.
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