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Jack Tretton Says 'People Don't Respect Confidentiality' >
2009/06/12 10:36:53: Posted by DM
Jack Tretton, the Sony head man himself, seems a bit miffed that the Sony press conference ended up confirming rumors and leaks, instead of completely surprising everyone. The new PSP GO, the new motion controller, and even the new focus on digital distribution, were all supposed to be huge surprise announcements at E3. Well, thanks to the grapevine, they all ended up being simple confirmations of rumors that most deemed to be true already. “It’s tough enough to keep a secret within your own company, much less when you speak to third parties." Even though it was just an annoyance at E3, it could be potentially damaging in the future, says Tretton. Once the competition gets wind of what a company is planning, they can immediately begin to counter the new announcement with marketing and their own hardware. It has to stop, says Tretton. It won't, though.

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