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2009/09/04 15:51:25: Posted by DM
Blizzard has begun the faction change service in the US for World of Warcrack. For a whopping $30 USD, players can now change between the Horde and Alliance for the first time. Name change and re-customization (if needed) will be included, but server change is not. Blizzard also announced it will be starting a race-change service for those who don't want to change faction in the future. Players who utilize this service will be able to change their race within their same faction and class. Well, it seems Blizzard has yet provided another service which will kill race and class diversity. If everyone can not change to be the best race and faction for a particular class, that means more and more will do it to keep up with others. Soon there will be 10,000 cookie cutter players per server. Blizzard does need more money, though. The service is available in the US only, no word of any date for export yet.

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