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XBox Live Perm Bans Users Who Play Forza/Borderlands Early >
2009/10/16 18:00:00: Posted by DM
It looks like people are getting perm banned from Xbox Live for playing Forza Motorsport 3 and/or Borderlands early. Some who have review copies have apparently let it out. To their dismay, it looks like users are getting banned for 'pre-release play," according to the ban message which you can see in the image. It is not a ban message we have seen before, so beware! Apparently users are getting a screen online that says temp ban, but perm bans are showing up in e-mails. Rumor mill until we have second source confirmation. Although the links in the e-mail seem not to be valid, we know at least temp suspensions are going on. Either way, just don't do it.(Thanks, NWO)

*Update: Looks like both PAL and NTSC are being hit, so beware.

*Update 2: This is the Turn 10 (Forza dev) community manager "more Forza bans coming."

Update 3: It looks like users who got one week or one day ban messages on their actual console now are getting perm ban messages on their consoles. See the image here Also, it looks like Borderlands is less likely to be the culprit.

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Forza Motorsport 3

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Written by DM on 2009/10/16

Anyone getting these e-mails please let us know your story as well.
Written by Xenos on 2009/10/16

AFAIK the bans are for those who have pirated copies, not early copies, and this is further confirmed by your second link of further bans.

Game reporting at it's finest /sarcasm
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