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PSP GO Sells 28,275 Units On Day 1 In Japan >
2009/11/03 12:21:44: Posted by DM
The new Sony PSP GO has sold 28,275 units during its first day of sale in Japan. According to Enterbrain, these first day sales numbers are encouraging, but the PSP 3000 sold 32,865 units the week before. Also keep in mind, Japan is literally completely wired in most areas. In other words, a download-only handheld like the PSP GO works much better in a place like Japan because there is WiFi literally everywhere. Not only to download, but to play online. Japanese games literally live online. That is going to make the PSP GO more successful over there automatically.

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Written by Xenos on 2009/11/03

I was hoping this rip off would bomb........hard. =/

Next thing we'll see is Ninty and Sony releasing variations every year just to keep the price up.

I think it's due time for both the DS and PSP to recieve a successor.
Written by Libara on 2009/11/03

Yea have to agree, as long as I cant transfer my umd games over to the go I wont even think about getting the go.
Written by Xenos on 2009/11/03

Even with that feature I see PSPgo as a rip. You can play the same DL games on the older models, the screen is bigger on the older models, and because of all this I can't understand why anyone would bend over and pay this insane price.

Even if the power/features were the same, if they introduced a second analog, touch screen, and maybe a dual screen, then I can see a point. How it is though, it's a scam.
Written by incoming00 on 2009/11/03

i'll agree with you Xenos, but not completely. how is the PSPgo different from the XBOX Elite and PS3 20gb/40gb/60gb/80gb/Slim/etc. models? granted that i agree the PSP and DS should have true successors, the PSPgo and DSi are doing what the Elite and multiple GB PS3's and Slim are: enticing new sales. the obvious answer to these sales would be "new" although we cant say for sure how many of those are and are not PSP users. same can be said for the various models of consoles. something in those bundles sparked interest in a consumer that didnt before. i myself may not be interested in the PSPgo, since i currently have a red God of War PSP for that reason alone. had i not had a PSP i may have jumped on the PSPgo only cuz its something new, but thats just me.

furthermore, Sony appears to be testing what many companies will eventually: the DLC market. but this is at a different level considering the PSPgo can only play via downloadable material. can a console/portable work in what looks like a future in DLC? right now i say nay considering a huge overhaul would be required for a DLC only market(internet including), but this could be the first step towards that future.

or i could just be talking out of my a$$ right now lol...........
Written by Xenos on 2009/11/03

No you make some good points, but there are some key differences here.

Both the ps3 and 360 launched with multiple SKUs of different value so the standard is kinda set from the beginning.

More importantly, how is the PSPgo different from the 360 and PS3? Outside of the Elite and the 80GB PS3, every other new SKU has either stayed at the current price or was introduced with a lower price. If MS waited to release the elite now, but at a $400 price, I would have said it's a rip off as well.

At least with the larger SKUs on the ps3 and 360 you get more storage, but on the PSPgo, you have a set amount of storage and no new features over the older PSPs. Any smart person would just get a PSP 1k/2k/3k and use a memory stick for the DLC games.

I understand what sony is toying with here, making it DLC only, but with a smaller screen, no disc drive, smaller battery, etc. I wouldn't be surprised if the PSPgo is cheaper to produce than the PSP 3000. That my friend is a rip off.

Oh and on your second comment, IMO we're still a good 10 years away from being DLC only. =)
Written by VaeVictus on 2009/11/03

The PSPGo should never have been anymore expensive than the PSP 3000. It offered no improvements whatsoever over the old model other than built in storage (which is cheap) and a smaller size (for those who prefer smaller handhelds).

No 2nd nub, no improved battery life and no vouchers for already owned PSP titles = fail, and why I decided against getting the Go.
Written by Xenos on 2009/11/03

Exactly, if the PSPgo launched at the same price as the psp 3000, it would be cool.
Written by incoming00 on 2009/11/03

i'll just shut up now lol :p
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