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Modern Warfare 2 Reaches 3 Billion USD Worldwide >
2009/11/30 11:29:29: Posted by DM
Modern Warfare 2 continues to break all sales records, which has surprised no one. The sales have now put the Call of Duty franchise itself over 3 Billion USD sales revenues as a whole. The six titles together have sold over 55 million units worldwide. We cannot wait to see the first end of month sales numbers for the newest game, once NPD gets them out.

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Call Of Duty 4: Modern Warfare 2

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Written by incoming00 on 2009/11/30

nice misleading headline :p
Written by Hand Banana on 2009/12/01

I was thinking about buying this, only because most of my friends are playing it. When i mentioned this to my friends, they told me to avoid the game. They said the camping is out of control and it is more frustrating than fun at this point. Most of them are quitting.
Written by poprocker on 2009/12/01

I need to rent it so i can run through the campaign. and yeah..lol at that headline.
Written by incoming00 on 2009/12/01

@poprocker, i finally sat my butt down long enough to play the campaign. the beginning of the game was very blah. but after the "controversial" level, i was hooked. somehow, the game just got much better lol... i was on the edge of my seat on every suspenseful moment the game through at me, even the ending!! if its the campaign your looking for, it wont dissappoint :p

*through = threw
Written by poprocker on 2009/12/02

awesome stuff incoming. I should have it in my hands very soon.
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