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2006/02/09 11:12:19: Posted by DM
Anthony Park has invented software that will allow you to browse the internet with the Media Center Edition remote. While not directly made for surfing on the Xbox360, we have put together just how to use it to do so. You can go to the more programs tab on your Xbox360 and run the program, then use the remote to surf the internet on your Xbox360. (Thanks, 9).

Click on the news title for the images of the 360 browsing MSN and GR, as well as a full Step by Step guide.


NOTE: You NEED WindowsXP Media Center Edition, it will not work with Windows 2000 or any other form of Windows XP

1) Go to http://www.anpark.com/software.aspx
2) Click on "Download Now (591 Kb)"
3) Double click on MCEBrowserSetup.msi and just click next
4) Start your Xbox360 and go into Media Center
5) Go into "More Programs" and choose the "Browser" Entry.
6) Add Favorites to your 360 from your PC, by going into:

C:, then "Documents and Settings" folder, then the "MCX#" folder

(# is a number, it depends on how many times you did manually
reconnect the 360 to the PC , so it changes for everyone....
The highest number is the latest, so choose that folder)

Go into the Subfolder called "Favorites" and either add links
by drag'n'drop from Internet Explorers Address Bar to it, or
right click and choose "Create Shortcut", enter the URL, click
next, and now Enter the Name of the Website (This will be how it
appears on the 360)

7) Choose One of your "Favorites" on the 360 and enjoy!

Please note, while you are able to browse the Web, do not mistake this add-on to MCE or a full fledged Web browser. It is using the MCE PC to render an image of the Website which it displays on the 360, but you will not be able to enter any text. (For Example, google wouldn't be useful because you cannot enter text.) However you are able to follow links. No, the USB Keyboard does not work with this as of yet. This also means the likelyhood of getting a virus on your Xbox360 is next to nothing. The browser is basically showing you an image of a browser running on your PC, so if your PC is protected, your Xbox360 is. The only way to exploit the Xbox360 would be with an image library exploit, we think.

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Xbox360 Browsing The Internet

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Written by pshizle (2) on 2006/02/09

Written by hardwood2001 (49) on 2006/02/09

i won't do it only because of viruses...
Written by Dude (2) on 2006/02/09

Viruses are irrelevant. All of your web browsing is taking place on your computer and not on the 360. You are just viewing it on the 360.
Written by CraiZE on 2006/02/09

Awesome, i like this. Its nice to view latest news, especially if you got a HDTV, cause the resolution this time is right ;)

Too bad google aint working though! :(
Written by optaviusx on 2006/02/09

Amazing i'm all over this.

Then again people should be careful because you never know what can happen.
Written by zac (1) on 2006/02/09

is there a way to do the wireless connect to your Xbox 360 using any other windows version besides Media Center Edition?
Written by optaviusx on 2006/02/09

Not currently, but there will be one made for something other that windows media center in due time.
Written by Chris (30) on 2006/02/09

How many Media Center PCs are out there? 4? I really hope someone comes out with something similar to what Nullriver has created(Connect360)for the mac.
Written by Seb (1) on 2006/02/10

How can you make a joke about the number of Media Center PCs that get sold and then make a comment about Macs?

As many Media Center PCs sold per quarter as Apple shifts in all. Search TheRegister.co.uk for "Media Center PCs sold per quarter" if you don't believe me.
Written by Chris (30) on 2006/02/10

I'm not in favor of macs, i'm just saying that this one program needs to be made for XP too. I'm not a Mac supporter, but i'm not an idiot when i see a good program.
Written by nig (1) on 2006/02/12

Wow! Finally the Xbox 360 has achieved the level of a Dreamcast!

No wait, it still actually sucks.
Written by Lame (1) on 2006/02/13

Totally lame PS3 already is going to have that only without the hassile to download the internet browser and plus XB360 is so over with!.
Written by Chris (30) on 2006/02/13

Different parts of the ps3 are developed by different groups, which aren't even allowed to know details on the other projects for fear of leak. So how would you know anything at all? You don't. As always, even a 'confirmation' with sony changes after time so people will forget what they promised. I'm thinking these are all false hopes just like in the ps2 where they promised so much more than what actually was realized.
Written by Sambo (2) on 2006/02/13

I installed this thing and it seems to work when I try to use the windows media center on my pc. Ie. i can watch transcoded divx movies on my PC media center however I keep getting the following error on my xbox 360:

Transcode 360: Exception,

Transcoding request timed out!
Written by Omar (90) on 2006/02/13

Can someone please tell me how to click on links? first of all when i run it on my computer, i move my mouse over the link and click it but nothing happens. On the 360 i dont even have any cursor to move so how do i click on links?
Written by Sambo (2) on 2006/02/13

forget it I just had to restart the service! works awesome , really easy to install if you have media center.
Written by Jrod (1) on 2006/02/17

I can't figure out how to get the links to show up? I drag-n-drop them off of my favorites list in IE into the "Favorites" folder in the MCX folder and then goto the web browser and it lists nothing. What gives?
Written by GrimResistance (1) on 2006/03/03

WoW! We just got a media center pc in january, before I knew that there was this feature, and I'm glad we did:)
Written by patrick (2) on 2006/03/21

i figured out how to use a USB keyboard with the browser

all you need to do is select the box you wish to type in. then press Y on your 360's controller, type what you want press B and walla. it works i found out by mistake
Written by Michael A Moore (1) on 2006/03/25

works good as for the idiot and the PS3, the only reason your going to be able to do it because the HDD comes with Linux, I mean what are you buying a console or a computer, keep OS's on computers not consoles, sony suck ass they all ways have. idiots have to install an OS .
Written by chad (1) on 2006/03/28

Can't scroll down Anyone else have this problem?
Written by Andy (5) on 2006/05/06

Hey guys I downloaded this and it is not loading I did copy the links right but it say's action canceled you know when the page does not load. Any suggestions?
Written by Oen on 2006/05/06

Ask on the forums.
Written by burninhigh (1) on 2006/05/26

the usb keyboard doe work with this. I have bee surfin all day. I use the 360 remote to highlight the keypad looking(the one with all the letters/numbers) and hit dvd menu. a virtual keyboard comes up. I type in my address and surf
Written by bbnice (1) on 2006/06/22

I must be a dummy but I cant seem to get the addresses to show up on my xbox 360. I see my favorites on media center on my computer but cant seem to figure out how to get it over to the xbox. Pretty sure Im missing a step.
Written by velma (1) on 2006/07/05

Hello, nice site looks this
Written by RulerOfThedart (1) on 2006/07/22

Which button on the XBox remote do I use to click on links inside the browser, I cant seem to find it anywhere
Written by yoyo (1) on 2006/09/25

ur xbox 360 is not even on ur just trinying to make us download viruses
Written by LG (1) on 2006/09/30

well its cool for all of you cause for some reason my pc firewall doesnt let me connect to xbox
Written by azi singh (1) on 2006/10/30

please unlocked my internet
Written by husham on 2007/12/29

I'm just wondering will u be able to hear sound cause i havent been able to
Written by pastortroy1 on 2008/03/15

hmm this just seems pretty dumb to me... if u have to have your pc hooked up to the xbox with an active connection and you cant type anything then why not just do it on your computer?

a good program would be like firefox for the 360 now THAT would be awesome
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