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2006/02/17 10:45:38: Posted by DM
Namco sedns along the first official screens from Tekken 5: Dark Ressurectino for the PSP. The game looks good, and you can certainly see it better than the scans we posted yesterday. Click on the news title for the full info and screens.

Bringing the pain to the portable system, TEKKEN: Dark Resurrection boasts two brand new characters, Lili and Dragunov, whose unique fighting styles and new moves will bring new blood to the ring as they go up against an impressive line up of classic TEKKEN characters, including the return of Armor King. Fighting fans are in for a new TEKKEN challenge as the opening movie sets the stage for the new characters to join the ranks of those who pursue the title of the King of the Iron Fist Tournament.

In addition, double the customization items are available in TEKKEN: Dark Resurrection, allowing the player to transform their favorite characters to their liking, then sharing the look with friends on AD-HOC wireless multiplayer. Topping off the long line of features are fun mini-games that allow players to take breaks from the fighting action, all adding up to make TEKKEN: Dark Resurrection the premier fighting game for the PSP system.

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Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection

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Written by - The G- on 2006/02/18

Looks fantastic. But if your not a fan of tekken.....

Looks fantastic. But if your not a fan of tekken.....

Looks fantastic. But if your not a fan of tekken.....

Looks fantastic. But if your not a fan of tekken.....
Written by chris nicholls (1) on 2006/02/20

do you know if tekken dark resurrection (for the psp) will be coming to the UK


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