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Return Of The Shenmue Passport? Update Pending >
2006/02/25 11:06:07: Posted by DM
According to the ShenmueDojo, the Shenmue Passport, the extension disc that came with Shenmue for the Dreamcast, is getting an update! According to the Dojo, an update appeared on the Passport's "Urgent Messages" section, dated Feb. 22, 2006 that reads, "The Shenmue Passport is in update process. Come again and visit us!" Wow, more info when we have it! (Thanks, Hso)

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Written by Inferno (33) on 2006/02/25

Wow that is weird, I dont really understand why they would update the Shenmue Passport, I mean the game is 6 years old now. I wonder what they would add to it though at this time, I mean whats left for Shenmue.
Written by Hso (42) on 2006/02/25

Probably 'cos they're getting ready to release Shenmue3 on their newest under-raps console? :D
Written by gooseboy (82) on 2006/02/26

Now that will 99.99% never happen, but hypothetically now would be the only perfect time to actually announce a new console.

360 is a dud, Revolution isn't in the same market and PS3 is $10,0000 so... ;)
Written by Inferno (33) on 2006/02/26

If Sega made a Dreamcast 2 I would jump kick the side of my house. I think there is a .01% chance Sega makes a new console :-(
Written by darn (1) on 2006/02/28

It was a fake you guys..go read the topic at the dojo now
Written by MAKAVELI on 2006/08/07

if sega releases a new console with shenmue 3 and panzer dragoon 4 , I SWEAR THAT I GO FROM NEW YORK TO LOS ANGELES BY FOOT.

ALSO i became a will make regular church visits to thank good...COS THIS IS A MIRACLE.

BUT like i say , who dont dream dont live.

I'm still waiting Sega , and be sure that lots of hardcore fans still too , remenber us.
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