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Splinter Cell: Double Agent Xbox360 Screens - Wow! >
2006/02/28 21:03:01: Posted by CraiZE
The first official screens from the Xbox360 version of Splinter Cell: Double Agent have been released and boy do they look swell. If the game is going to look this good in motion then it just may be the best looking video game of all time (to date). That's right, I said it. Please bear in mind that this time around it has been revealed that the cinema sequeneces will all be real time and have a certain amount of player control. This means more than likely they are not stills from CG movie sequences. Click on the news title for the screens.

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Splinter Cell Double Agent

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Written by optaviusx on 2006/02/28

Yes indeed they look absolutely insane and it could very well end up being the best looking game ever chaos theory on the xbox looked next gen what will they do with more powerful hardware like the 360?
Written by XAL (36) on 2006/02/28

that looks awesome

glad they have the extra time to polish and fine-tune the game
Written by IseWise (47) on 2006/03/01

Those look so good I'm skeptical if they are really game stills and not CG or drawn up scenes. They look amazing. Looks like some real power is being unleased from the Xbox 360
Written by Itaintrite on 2006/03/01

Best looking game ever? Highly unlikely, but looks awesome nevertheless.

Hmm, call me skeptical, or 360-hater, but some (if not most) of these screenshots are probably from cinematic sequences. And some don't even look that great.

[link removed]
Written by gooseboy (82) on 2006/03/01

Looks awesome, but some of the models in shots almost look painted in, so I am holding back on the excitement until we get confirmation.
Written by optaviusx on 2006/03/01

I know what some people are talking about in regards to some things not looking so impressive, but this game will be an absolute monster in the graphics department.

Also ubisoft is using something they call directed moments to make scenes that look as good as pre rendered cinematics fully playable.
Written by E-Manster (1) on 2006/03/12

Why didint they just make a movie?!?!
Written by Tyler (2) on 2006/03/12

They are making a movie on splinter cell
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