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EA's NFL Exclusivity Contract May Be Voided >
2006/03/02 13:50:03: Posted by DM
Read this before we go on:

What are the long-term ramifications for the league?
Barring a new CBA, the players either will be on strike or the owners will lock out the players in 2008. The union likely will decertify, and antitrust rules will apply. Also, the NFL draft will go away in 2008 as part of a clause inserted in the current CBA. Players coming out of college could be free agents, with no salary restrictions. Open negotiations, including those for rookies coming out of college, will leave it to the players to get what they can get.

Now, pay attention, cause this is a bit complicated. The current problems in the NFL between the league and the players association might make the EA/NFL contract void. This is because if the union decertifies, then anti-trust rules will apply. If this happens, then EA is out of luck. Antitrust laws would be in effect and the contract would be voided. (EA signed a deal with both the NFLPA and NFL so at the least, other companies could use the players, but not the actual team names. Not a big deal really, since we know who they would be referring to.)

Just to recap, the NFLPA may decertify itself in order to keep a lockout from occuring. This in essence will make antitrust laws apply. The NFLPA will decertify if no agreement is reached to extend the CBA. Keep an eye on this people, we know it is a lot of "ifs" but stranger things have happened. Keep your fingers crossed.

Update: Since the current CBA runs until 2008, they would not de-certify until then we have been told. This means on the off chance this happens, we still have to put up with 2 more years of EA. If you want to read up a bit on anti-trust law, check it out here.

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Written by supersithzilla (48) on 2006/03/02

thank you jesus....at least we will not get another bad

copy of madden for the xbox 360, hell nfl2k7
Written by cap (1) on 2006/03/02

Cross your fingers?!? Yea, let's all hope that the NFLPA disbands and free agency occurs outside of college, and ruins the NFL so we can get back the 2K series. awesome.
Written by David (10) on 2006/03/02

Yeah this is the best news that I have heard all day bring on NFL 2K7 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Written by Oen on 2006/03/03

Written by Joe (3) on 2006/03/03

Come on Sega, start the development up again for NFL2K8... I haven't played football since they departed.
Written by READ (1) on 2006/03/03

Do you people read? The contracts EA has are with the NFLPA AND the NFL. Even if the NFLPA disbands there will be no "NFL 2k7". Although you still might see Peyton Manning playing quarterback for the Indiana Mustangs in Pro Football 2k7.

And yeah, let's really hope all this happens so you people who say you really love football can crawl back into your caves and play "NFL" while the rest of us watch what USED to be the real thing in real life... Let's "keep our fingers crossed" that the NFL gets dismantled before our eyes so you can go pretend. Get real...
Written by Anonymous (6) on 2006/03/03

Denver would get the "Mustangs". Indianapolis would be stuck with the "Ponies". Unless they took "Glocks" instead.
Written by SHaMROCK 73 (1) on 2006/03/03

Sega would have NOTHING to do with an NFL 2K7 SEGA sold their sports division to Take 2 about two years ago! Do you see a Sega logo on any 2K6 titles other than maybe MLB?

Written by rich (1) on 2006/06/03

Hey, I sure hope the contract by EA and NFL does get voided ^^ I am still currently playing ESPN NFL 2k5 for the XBOX. I still say it's the one ^^ while madden is still the same ol thing and have played madden since madden 89. Same thing and while the competitor take is did a remarkable job working on the nfl 2k series. Just imagine when this puppy is on the XBOX 360. You have seen NBA 2k6 and it does look awesome. Well, cross your fingers guys.

Sup joel, I agree with you about porting the nfl 2k8 in xbox 360 and the system does have the nice capabilities to make even the game much better. Why not just have EA maddens play/mechanics and take 2 NFL 2k series graphics team-up and create the ultimate game? I sure hope both EA and Take two team up and create the best NFL gameever.
Written by lordmag88 (1) on 2006/06/07

I agree with you guys that nfl2k5 was the best football game ever i had madden 06 it was a good game but it is still not on the level of nfl 2k5. I still play nfl2k5 today with rosters I update from the current draft. send me an email on any developing news about the 2k series, I hope they make a comeback.
Written by [email protected] 4 1!F3 (1) on 2006/07/24

I agree with the 2K5 fans, best game ever!! Can't wait to see 2k7 just hope all of this contract B.S. gets wrapped up in time to actually have it come out. XBOX FOR LIFE!!!
Written by Scrappy (1) on 2006/08/03

Yes, at least theres hope that we may see the NFL 2k series again. I hate the Madden series, IT SUCKS. NFL 2k5 is 30x better than any Madden game.
Written by Its agreed (1) on 2006/08/22

Madden Sux, and now that there is a monpoly on it, it seemed they truly do not care what their 'game' looks like. I also still play 2K5, and update the rosters by creating the drafts. This will get me thru another season, but We ALL would like to see a 2k7,8 9 etc. Why can't we find out who to complain to, maybe get some consumer pressure on them. They HAVE to see the drop in sales, right?
Written by jake (1) on 2006/08/27

Written by geronimo (1) on 2006/08/30

when will there be another nfl 2k, you guys spoiled us, and now you give a madden, what a bommer!!!
Written by JimmyJames (1) on 2006/09/03

There is a definite need for the SEGA 2K football series to return. The programming is so inferior in the EA football, I wouldn't mind if the 2K series were renamed pro football (excluding any reference to NFL), and the teams (if necessary) referred to by the city which they call home. We're ALL intelligent enough to read between the lines (and to choose the better product). Scared of the competition, can't compete with the quality of your product - find a way to (stifle) get rid of the superior (or any other) choices.
Written by Deezee (1) on 2006/09/12

I really wish somebody would just burn down EA sports. I'm still furious that they forced me to play that POS Madden. I dont wanna overreact but if I ever meet somebody that works for EA I might kick them in the throat.
Written by Truth Hurts (1) on 2006/09/12

Anybody that enjoys playing madden is missing brain cells.
Written by JP (1) on 2006/09/29

Am I still playing Madden 98? It the S.O.S!!!

BRING BACK the NFL 2k series PLEASE!!!
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