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Cool Herders Dreamcast Demo Available Now >
2006/03/31 18:01:53: Posted by DM
It seems that the folks who are making Cool Herders, the Dreamcast sheep puzzle game, have released a demo you can download. The game is fun, we tried it, if you can get the game cheap and you still have a working Dreamcast then do so. (Thanks, Hso)

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Cool Hearders

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Written by David (10) on 2006/03/31

There still makin games for the dreamcast?! I thought the dreamcast was a dead console? Whaa happen?
Written by Inferno (33) on 2006/03/31

I think this is a small time homebrew game, still looks fun.
Written by Hso (42) on 2006/04/01

David - DC games were still being released.. i think 3-4 DC games were released within the last few months :) However.. no news of any new ones since the release of Under Defeat..
Written by David (10) on 2006/04/02

Hso- Is that so? Well ok then, where are they being released? In Japan only?
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