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2006/04/06 12:21:11: Posted by DM
We have some videos from a recent Virtua Fighter 5 location test in Japan. The videos are some of the best to be released yet, they are small but they are direct feed. Click on the news title for the vids.

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Virtua Fighter 5

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Written by Edge of Blade (68) on 2006/04/06

Many of the reflections seem strange. Games are not made "next-gen" by making them shiny, and I wish next-gen developers would get that next-gen concept through their last-gen brains.

I wish there was more environment interaction. The days of an enclosed square arena have long sense passed in 3D fighters.
Written by IseWise (47) on 2006/04/06

I agree somewhat with you Blade. Games dont look "next-gen" with every character being shiny. I know that its HDR and at sometimes its nice to look at and sometimes its annoying. The textures looked good, as well as the characters hair. But the enclosed square arena's is Virtua fighter style, its always been like that and probably wont change. Tekken is better for the big open environments for fighting, DOA4 was ok for environments.
Written by bob (280) on 2006/04/06

OK, as far as next-gen goes, it's all about DOA. DOA completely refined the concept of interaction in fighting games, and they up the ante with each installment. You have to play DOA4 to truly understand it. To call DOA4 last gen because you don't like the art direction is pure ignorance.

Onto VF5, I'm pretty sure the game will play the same as the first four games, except as you mentioned the character models are shinier this time. I'm sure if Sega wanted they could improve the realism factor with next-gen limb damage and so on.
Written by Edge of Blade (68) on 2006/04/07

To follow up on my previous comments, I wonder how much of the "same-old" factor is coming from the stiffling effect of the purist gamers.
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