First Xbox360 Game Pirated? >
2005/11/23 18:46:00: Posted by DM
It seems that it has taken those crazy software pirates only 1 day to rip the data off an Xbox360 Disc. According to an nfo file found by us on the web, the game Call Of Duty 2 has been released in .iso form. We are posting this as a rumor for now as there is no way to confirm is this indeed works without some sort of mod. Check it out for yourself. Click read more for the full info.

| |
| |
| XBOX-360 |
| |
| |
| |
+-------------------------------[Release Info]-------------------------------+
| |
| |
| |
| |

Presents ......: CALL-OF-DUTY-2
Company .......: Activision

Origin ........: NTSC Format ...........: *.ISO Image
System ........: Microsoft XBOX-360 # of Files .......: 103x 50MB
Released ......: november 24th, 2005 Filename .........:

Game info

The sequel to Infinity Ward's 2003 Game of the Year, Call of Duty® 2 returns
to deliver an unparalleled re-creation of the camaraderie, chaos and cinematic
intensity of World War II through stunningly detailed graphics, realistic
character animations and explosive on-screen action, powered by an all-new
proprietary game engine.

Experience the most realistic squad combat and explosive action, brought to
life by a context-sensitive dynamic battle chatter system, unparalleled smoke
effects, adding non-linear gameplay, open mission objectives and the most
alert A.I. ever.

Labeled With  xbox360 microsoft piracy rumor

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Written by Oen on 2005/11/23

Bullshit... one of many fakes I bet.
Written by DM on 2005/11/23

we bring it to you so you can decide.. seeing as there is no way to test it is academic
Written by Itaintrite (40) on 2005/11/23

Meh, lame. It's probably real, but it's not gonna work for a while. Same thing happened to the PSP scene. ISOs were floating around way before loaders were available.
Written by Gotti on 2005/11/23

It very likely is real and you are right, not like anyone can play it... yet. Seeing stuff like this already out though usually gives a bit more motivation for the modchip makers out there.
Written by neoimpulse on 2005/11/23

Maybe this is real and its the first in a line of teasers that will be brought to us. Today COD2 iso, next week PDZ iso, week after 360 eeprom dump, week after that Kameo exploit.
Written by Nomis (2) on 2005/11/23

its fake, never even heard of the group before
Written by Itaintrite (40) on 2005/11/24

You've never heard of the group before so they must be fake? What great logic. Hmm, do you think anybody'd ever heard of ECHELON or PROTOCOL before they released their first game?

And, is there any copy-protection at all on these xbox360 games? They are afterall, just DVD9s
Written by fake (1) on 2005/11/24

trust me this shit is fake. its some n00bs attempt to try to make it big into the scene.
Written by Mark S (1) on 2005/11/24

i agree with DM, whilst no one can actually play the game it's probably just a simple dump of the disc image, to prove it can be done...of course to play it u'd need to mod the 360 and hope it doesn't crash :-P
Written by Wombat (1) on 2005/11/24

Has everybody who right-out said it's fake actually tested it to make sure that that's true? If not, don't say it is for sure.
Written by torspo (1) on 2005/11/24

they read the data off a dvd. woohoo. hurray.

for those claiming you can't know if it's real because you can't test it, you can easily extract data such as textures, music, videos etc from the image. if there's a bunch pictures of goatseman and random garbage, then it's probably a fake.
Written by jud (1) on 2005/11/24

not a good idea to mod a box running beta software at best.
Written by Gogela (1) on 2005/11/24

If nobody ever ran beta, nothing would ever be released.
Written by xbong on 2005/11/24

It was probably released from someone who had a devkit, which means access to the HDD and all other protocols one would need to gain access to files on a dvd. So IMHO its not that impressive, ONCE I CAN PLAY IT, it will then be impressive :D
Written by daza (1) on 2005/11/24

err it is real, and so is this

<[PRE]> [SEARCH] Aeon_Flux_USA_XBOX360-SLICE got released 7d 15h 32m 46s [16/11/2005] ago [ XBOX / SLICE ]

this is no surprise. i'll be interested in an xb2 mod though..
Written by shutup (1) on 2005/11/24

According to abgx.net, Aeon which was released over a week ago is definitely FAKE. Hope COD2 gets posted quick. I'd like to check out a xbox360 iso. http://www.abgx.net/filename/?ch=6
Written by Vaughn (1) on 2005/11/24

Hackers are relentless, I wouldn't doubt it.
Written by plonk420 on 2005/11/24

it's probably like the Goatse slideshow GNAA did for the OSx86 10.4.1 release ;)
Written by Dong Chow (1) on 2005/11/24

I wouldn't be surprised. PSP games were dumped from the beginning, and the GBA had an emulator before the system was released.
Written by paCman (1) on 2005/11/24

ha nice... bah doesent really matter if it is real or not... as long as it gets people motivated (sure got me jumpin out of my seat)
Written by Delta (2) on 2005/11/24

Disc images are possible to do before and today. I just wondet when first linux OS will be installed to xbox 360.
Written by Delta (2) on 2005/11/24

Disc images are possible to do before and today. I just wondet when first linux OS will be installed to xbox 360.
Written by alf-ohm (1) on 2005/11/25

i don't know if it's that easy to rip, the XB1 discs had a protection that made them impossible to look at on the pc. if you inserted one, there would be a video thet starts playing and it said "please insert this disk in an XBOX console" and if i remember correctly i saw a picture of an xbox 360 game doing the same
Written by Underwater Spiderman (1) on 2005/11/25

OMG don't make comments unless you know what you are talking about, the only way the xbox games were read and created into iso's was by logging into the modified console to read the disk as the xbox drives and games were written backwards.....pc drives or DVD drives for that matter couldn't and cant read them

OMG don't make comments unless you know what you are talking about, the only way the xbox games were read and created into iso's was by logging into the modified console to read the disk as the xbox drives and games were written backwards.....pc drives or DVD drives for that matter couldn't and cant read them
Written by UrAjackass (1) on 2005/11/25

You are a jackass if you think that the games ran backwards! If that were true then the drives would have to be "special" backwards running drives, you can replace your xbox dvdrom with a normal dvd drive, and last time I checked my DVD burner with Nero didnt burn backwards also and I have plenty of "backed up" xbox games.
Written by Backwards? (1) on 2005/11/25

Backwards is kinda correct...they are written from the outside in....which is in a way backwards or opposite of the normal inside out. He is correct in stating that xbox games cannot be backed up with a PC, there is encryption and security place holders on the disk which makes it impossible.
Written by burnmaster (1) on 2005/11/25

xbox games do not read backwards....that is gamecube...

and there was a long list of xbox iso's released before it was even modded....

and it was not long after when xbox was officially hacked and modded.....damn 29 wire chips ;-)
Written by vteck2005 (1) on 2005/11/26

LOL, xbox games are definatly not written from outside in, as i have made several backups and messed many of them up, they dont start from a random point outside and move in. They are written from the inside to the out.
Written by Linux_Inside V2 (1) on 2005/11/26

the xbox discs simply had 2 sessions on each disc, one being the video session, and the other being the game section. the way it works is the pc's will read the primary session, but x-box consoles know to read the secondary ones, use a program like ISO Buster and you can even just export the second session.

the games themselves did have some sort of signature, but that was fixed by either modding your x-box or using a savegame exploit AFAIK.
Written by billsass (1) on 2005/11/28

boot it on a modded x1. if it gives you a x360 notice, probably a decent chance its 'legit'
Written by Oen on 2005/11/28

QUOTE(Guest @ Nov 28 2005, 04:03 AM) [snapback]6833[/snapback]

boot it on a modded x1. if it gives you a x360 notice, probably a decent chance its 'legit'

Interesting idea.
Written by Oen on 2005/11/29

(Comment was removed.)

Asking where to get it is not allowed.
Written by alexander brown (1) on 2005/11/29

interesting site, and very organized too. good work.
Written by nnnn (1) on 2005/11/29

its possible but wait and see

Written by Tyler Freeman (1) on 2005/11/30

It's a very nice website you're having here.
Written by spoocke (1) on 2005/12/02

i seen dvd bruner back up devices cost like 700 dollars they will make a perfect copy of any dvd

mirroring every darn bit on that disc no mather what is on it

this device can support 8 dvd devices 1 to read en 7 to write

if you can make a copy on platform binairy it doesnt mather what kinda protection is on it

read 000001 000001 000001 000001 WRITE 000001 000001 000001 000001

next bit

just need to know what kinda disc you will need

come to think of it even has a lil lcd were all that info is displayed lenght Mb on disc etc etc

so it can well be a perfect image but thats from disc to disc not to iso O_o

btw if one has the understanding how a dvd write works he could make a progam that does so best to do this in is on a linux platform ( way out of my lead )

still it can be done

but will it run on a 360 now or does it need a mod thats the question ??

time will tell

Written by fanatic (1) on 2005/12/02

of course it will need a MOD to run copy's. I think it wil be a pain in the ass security. Someone remembers how long is took to hack the first Xbox, several months
Written by Johnny Horton (1) on 2005/12/08

Actually Xbox games are written to be read by an Xbox starting with the second layer first. You cannot copy them with a dual layer DVDRW because a dual layer DVDRW burns the first layer first and if you tried to burn the second layer first it messes up the first layer making it unwritable.

That's what people mean when they say backwards, the writing it layer backwards.
Written by goliat (1) on 2005/12/11

no way for sure i have the first iso's in tha house now waiting for any mod to let them work tony hawk wasteland condemmed fifa
Written by mooo (1) on 2005/12/12

well, not so hard having that dump... It's still DVD, and just think there is millions of publicly available dvd readers that can read L2 first, in every X-BOX V1.x ...
Written by ansar (1) on 2006/02/04

i want these xbox games pakage
Written by Phat (1) on 2006/08/17

Written by jl (1) on 2006/08/30


Written by Nike (1) on 2006/08/31

100% real i have just downloaded the file

xbox 360 modchip are out now in australia and works fine
Written by atharv sin 360 (1) on 2006/09/18

Would luv sum pirated games to be released.Ms as usual have priced the games pretty high. The guys pirating shuld gimme their number..Ill be the first one to buy the games.MS i think uve met ure match

Piracy all da way...ne one has ne news of the release of FIFA 07 and Raw Vs Smackdown 07 .cant wait for these two
Written by ZiGGy (1) on 2006/10/23

i have soft modded my xbox 360, (ONLY soft modded) i still have my original firmware incase i wanna put it bak it was... and wif the new firmware i can read all copied dvds and all copied 360 games i have tried... so yeh... im jus tryin 2 figure out how toactually copy them myself coz i dont wanna pay 15 bux for em like i do now... :)) call me cheap, but i think i can find better things to spend money on
Written by CountPrinky on 2007/02/22

I was reading the thread you all have going here, and i noticed mostly that you talk about backing up and burning exact duplicates, but nothing about x1 back up iso's on the x360 HDD and playing on the 360, just wondering if anyone had that info or where to get it?
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