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2006/05/09 9:35:10: Posted by DM
More PS3 screeny goodness for you today. Tekken 6 looks good, but it certainly has lost a bit since last year's E3 target render. Still looks like a ton of fun though.

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Tekken 6

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Written by tha l (4) on 2006/05/09

hmmm i dont think it looks very good

by looking at the chartecter models u can tell its realtime (i think) or watever id say doa 4 looks better to me neways
Written by sadt (3) on 2006/05/09

Frankly, by looking at those screenshots, tekken 5 on ps2 looks better
Written by gamer (8) on 2006/05/09

Looks crap for a next gen game.
Written by anti-optaviusx 2.0 (107) on 2006/05/09

Yea, those dont look too good. Whats up with the motorcycle crashing through the window? Do you get to fight with a motorcycle?
Written by Jagosix (75) on 2006/05/09

Hello. I hope this isnt a PS3 game. Looks more like a PS2 game. If this is the best that Sony has to offer, then they're screwed. Also ..NAMCO get off your A$$ & do something different & better.
Written by optaviusx on 2006/05/09

Seriously virtua fighter and doa4 put this to shame.
Written by Mr. Know it all (83) on 2006/05/09

The game will look much, much, much better come TGS.. wait and see. This is Namco. They turned **** into solid gold with the PS2's crap hardware... do you think for 2 seconds they'll let this fly?

They had to generate something for the show to show support... they did and you'll see when tGS rolls around... This crap here will be a memory.

Tekken 6 is gonna kill VF5 and Doa5 all to hell.
Written by RastaDator (104) on 2006/05/09

To Jagosix: I hope you joking. Have you seen Heavenly Sword, GT4 running at 1080p, Lair, etc, etc? If you have not, do quickly!

Cero FanBoyism
Written by - The G- on 2006/05/09

It dont look that bad optavisux, i think its on par with all off them.

but when it comes to gameplay there can only one be champion...........

thats VF!!!!!!!!!
Written by ASN (54) on 2006/05/09

"Tekken 6 is gonna kill VF5"

Written by zaki (1) on 2006/05/11

this one looks like Tekken 5 Dark Ressurection in HD resolution.
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