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10 New Dreamcast Projects In The Works From GOAT Store >
2006/05/31 18:37:31: Posted by DM
According to DCScene, the GOAT Store publishing firm has announced that they have plans to release 10 projects for the Dreamcast over the next year and a half. This is great news for you die-hard DC fans out there, and according to GOAT, some of the projects they have in store will really turn some heads! (Thanks, Hso)

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Written by bob (280) on 2006/05/31

I don't think these are games we're going to be seeing in Wal-Mart anytime soon. Do the guys have plans to sell these brand new DC games at their site or what?
Written by exint on 2006/06/01

Could be, in fact that would be the smart thing to do would be sell the self boot ISO files.
Written by Hso (42) on 2006/06/01

bob - Wal-Mart can always buy stock :P I believe that Lik-Sang did.. I'm pretty sure LS have sold their games before..

exint - I doubt it.. that would just encourage people to duplicate it >_<
Written by Hastor (1) on 2006/06/01

Are these unfinished games, being picked up and finished by this company? I remember some 3D0, sega CD, and Atari Jaguar games that were near completion when the system died, and other companies finished them. Or are these original games designed from the ground up? Would be nice if they remember those of us with broadband adaptors. There's no sega net but net games could still be hooked up directly.
Written by Hso (42) on 2006/06/01

I think they are made from the ground up.. I doubt a company would just let someone finish one of their IP's..
Written by MAKAVELI on 2006/08/06

its a litle bit late but with should worth buy.

Oh good why this console didnt survive enought to see shenmue 3 comming out>?
Written by MAKAVELI on 2006/08/08

but i still waitain for sega anoucing it,
Written by MAKAVELI on 2006/10/03

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